Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I need z's - 189.2

I am so sleepy this morning. I haven't been getting enough z's and it's catching up with me.

My recumbent bike workout was 11 miles in 30 minutes last night. That's a minute faster than I've been doing it. So I'm getting better at it I guess but it is still very tough to make myself get through. My first session with the personal trainer is tonight. I hope it turns out to be worth the money I'm spending. I've been told that he will plan my workouts for the month as well as monitor my progress, take measurements and give me a nutrition plan. I have a great fear that all I will get is a 30 minute workout and a "see you next week", leaving me without direction. Hope that won't be the case. Chai - If you are reading, how long are your personal trainer sessions and what do they do for you outside of the workout, if anything?

Dad didn't get to go home from the hospital yesterday but is hopeful that he will today. His potassium was up to 6.1 again which is why they are keeping him. I also found out that the reason for this lack of potassium control is due to the Vincennes hospital, of course. They left the med that he is prescribed to control the potassium off of his records when they transferred him to the Evansville hospital. Dad went five days without it and not realizing that he wasn't getting it. By then he had great trouble communicating effectively enough for the Evansville nurses to believe him when he told them that he needed that med. Anyway, he says Evansville has him back on his prescription and hopefully he should be allowed to go home today.

Bah, it's only Wednesday. Yesterday felt like Wednesday. Not fair.

Dad doesn't get to go home today, the hospital staff are treating him like crap and treating my mom badly too, they ignore everything said and talk over top of my parents. Dad's picc line wasn't installed properly and becoming painful. He demanded that they remove it and when they finally did (after saying they don't have to do anything he says) mom said it smelled horrible like a skunk. That probably means infection. They need a patient advocate and I don't know what to do or where to start to get them help.

Called to ask dad the name of his general doctor, thinking I could get information regarding a patient advocate from the doctor that knows dad best. I wasn't able to talk long enough to ask, dad said they are going to take him into surgery to install some sort of picc line device into his stomach. He had to go because a nurse was coming into the room and he didn't want to be talking to me while she was listening. He said that mom had gone for a walk to clear her head.

*another update
I just talked to the hospital and dad is going to have a portacath installed under local anesthesia later today and should be able to go home tomorrow. I hope it goes as well as the nurse made it sound. :) Both mom and dad are napping in his room right now so I won't call and bother them just yet.


  1. Great job on your biking! I think you're doing great :-)

    I go to a personal training only gym, and I have heard from other members that it is drastically different than using a personal trainer at a regular gym. I don't know if that is true, but I will tell you what I get!

    My sessions are an hour long. But I can go in early for a long warmup if I choose. So I typically go for 1.5 hours.

    My trainers will do ANYTHING I ask of them. They have given me food plans, workout-at-home plans, advice. They are available 24/7 via email for me. They check my food journal and offer suggestions. Trainer Bob even filled my Bosu ball for me when I bought one, so that it would be proper :-)

    I pay a lot, but I get a lot!

    I think for you, the best thing you can do is ask for more from them. The worst that will happen is that they say no. But I doubt that would happen. Ask them specifically for a work out plan for the whole week. Trainers can come up with that stuff in their sleep!

    Get your money's worth! :-)

  2. Thanks Chai! I'll post what my session involves once I know.

  3. Don't be afraid to speak up and let the PT know what you want and expect from your sessions. I've had good ones and bad ones in the past. A good one will give you the building blocks you need to build one; a bad one will tell you to do jumping jacks in the parking lot for a half hour. ;)

    And get some sleep!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the crossing-over of your father.
    To lose a parent is an unknown until we go through it. Difficult times ahead for your family.
    May healing and peace be yours and the love and memory of your beloved father be alive in you always.

    With Blessings


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