Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Improvements - 189

Dad's surgery went well, Dr. Grimm removed the hardware from his back, drained some of the infection, installed a wound vac and will be keeping dad in the hospital for a couple of weeks with the wound open while it drains and heals from this surgery. Once things are looking good again he is going to replace the hardware that was removed with titanium hardware and then close the wound to let dad start healing for real. After that it should be just like a normal surgery healing time and hopefully he'll be able to come home a few days later.

Dr. Grimm said that the infection is a rebound of the MSRA and that it has been brewing in dad's back for quite some time. So, it wasn't solely caused by the piss poor treatment he received a few days ago at Vincennes during that stupidly long 8-hour blood transfusion, but I imagine that ordeal was what exacerbated things to the point where all hell broke loose. It would have happened later on if not aggrivated to a head, so I'm glad that dad insisted that he wanted nothing more to do with the Vincennes hospital and went to Evansville to get this care.

Dr. Grimm said that the healing should be quicker this time since he is much stronger this time. The titanium hardware is supposed to be more resistant to causing infection. The doctor even thinks that dad's body will be able to make it's own blood again once this infection is taken care of this time.

So ... it's good news overall and I am so relieved!

I have my third LASIK follow-up tomorrow and I can't wait to hear what my vision is now. Last time I was having trouble with the left eye and it is the better of the two now. In fact, my left eye has been nearly perfect without ghosting for the last two days and while driving to work this morning I was experiencing some of the wow factor with both eyes being great. My right eye still has a small amount of ghosting but it is soooo close to being great too. :) My vision was 20/50 in one and 20/25 in the other (they told me my combined vision was about 20/30) last time. Finding out what my vision is tomorrow feels a bit like Christmas again. :D

Diet news - I don't know what the heck is going on. I'm certainly not eating much, and I don't think I'm eating the wrong things, but the scale isn't going down. What else is new, lol? My jeans feel more loose today than they were yesterday. Maybe I'll try that egg fast again for a few days next week.

Work news - I don't know if I mentioned it but one of the campaigns that I've recently been involved in won a Marketing Sherpa award this year. THAT is awesome. They will be giving out the award in Miami at the awards celebration but I won't be the one to attend. I share this award with the whole team. We had a strategist, designer (me), writer, and analytics person also involved. ALSO, we just found out that one of the big big projects that we pitched has narrowed down the contenders to two companies ... our company is one of those two. I hope we get the work. :) Also, another one of our very large clients has asked us to work out numbers for the upcoming year's work. They have asked that a very large portion of our marketing efforts to be web-focused this year. :)

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