Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Low carb adventures in the city

I haven't walked to get an iced tea for several days because the sidewalks have been snowy and I don't want to slip and fall on my b'tookus. Today however! It is above freezing for the first time this year and the snow has melted sufficiently for me to venture out. :D

I stopped at a small convenience store for a pack of gum and noticed that they have a tiny deli. If the clerk hadn't asked if I wanted a sandwich I probably would have just picked up a pack of gum and left, but since she started the conversation I let her know that I was actually doing low carb, but I would love a slice of cheddar if she could sell just that by itself. She could! Yay! and as I was checking out she said that actually she could create a sandwich using two slices of cheese rather than bread if I wanted a sandwich in future (and that she charges for only half the normal sandwich price if made that way). That is so awesome. I guess the concept of low carb is no longer an oddity in the world.


  1. Wow - that's pretty good to hear! Most people I know think I'm a bit bonkers because I'm following a low GI diet! They ask me to explain it and then give me *that look* that screams "fad diet" lol

  2. I had an Uncle B'tookus (on my mother's side).

    He died after slipping on some ice, busting his ass and getting a severe infection in the hospital. I doubt he was going to get a tea tho; he was more of a coffee man.

  3. Yay for LC taking it's own place!
    Yay for not slipping on yer bobo!
    Yay for deli places!
    I often get a couple of slices of cheese and deli meat.


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