Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ninja! - 187.4

My third LASIK follow-up appointment was this morning. My eyes are 20/25 right and 20/40 left according to the doctor. The doctor's assistant is the one who had me read the eye chart and told me it was 20/25 right and 20/30 left. When I asked the doctor said that I had missed a couple on the 20/30 line. So I still have improvement to look forward to in the coming weeks as the dry eye resolves more and as the ghosting goes away. Though today the ghosting is horrible in both eyes for some reason. :( My left eye had been perfect for about three days so I'm a little disappointed that it is ghosting again.

Anyway, the doctor set me next follow-up for Feb 18th and says that my eyes will continue to improve as the dryness is reduced. He expects the level of dryness to eventually go back to my "base level" before the surgery by the 3 months post-op point. I guess 3 months post-op will be March 7th, so I still have a little ways to go.

Eyedrops, eyedrops, eyedrops.

We had our monthly company meeting this morning and I was honored with a Ninja Award! These tiny plastic ninjas are how we honor co-workers who have gone above and beyond. My award was for being part of the team who won the national Marketing Sherpa award for that email campaign I mentioned recently. It is awesome to win national recognition that will potentially bring us more work. It certainly is already being used as part of the pitches we give for new business. It is also cool to win plastic, ninja-shaped recognition for great work within my own company. :)

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