Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pants on the ground - 190

Dad was feeling much better when I called last night and may get to go home today. I'll wait a few more minutes before I call this morning because Evansville is an hour earlier than Indy (crazy time zones).

I tanned again last night for fifteen minutes and then used the recumbent bike for 31 minutes (11.5 miles). That workout was actually quite difficult to get through, but I did it. Whew. I'll go again tonight for either a recumbent bike or an elliptical workout and my first official personal trainer session is tomorrow night.

*laughing* Okay, I decided to change into my workout clothes before I left work so that I wouldn't have to mess with anything other than changing shoes once I got to the gym. As I was walking back to my desk my arms where laden with my "street cloths". I dropped a pair of jeans just as I passed Dan's office and of course, what do I hear as I picked them up? I hear Dan cry out "Tracy! I can't believe you dropped your pants right in front of me! I always thought I would be the one dropping my pants in front of you, not the other way around." lololol I don't think I stopped laughing until I got to the gym.

Dan emailed me this video this morning.

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