Friday, January 8, 2010

Photos from late Christmas at Matt's

Our late Christmas celebration at Matt's was super nice.

It started off with me getting to work early so that I wouldn't have to feel guilty about leaving a little early. Matt lives in a neighborhood where the homes are tightly spaces and vehicles are allowed to park along the street on both sides (making the street more narrow). I was a little worried about driving there in the dark and about the possibility of drifted snow in the parking spots since no snow plow can clean that street with so many parked cars on each side. Matt assured me that the street wasn't bad and that John had even donned his Mr. Plow jacket to sweep snow off the sidewalk. :) Still, I didn't want to be navigating his snow-covered neighborhood in the dark. The way out, no problem, the way there, nervous to find it in the darkness and snow.

Long story and there was no problem at all. Matt had to work a little late (he normally leaves work at 4) so I just sat in my Jeep for 15 so as not to be unfashionably early.

John greeted me at the door and then Matt greeted me holding a carving knife! We had a good laugh about that and then went into the kitchen where he was busy slicing up strawberries for our low carb buffet. :) We had pineapple-rum & Diet Coke with Splenda! He knows that I avoid aspartame ... wow I'm a finicky eater but it's so sweet of him to remember little things like that. We had strawberries, mixed nuts, jalapeƱo jack cheese, salami and pepperoni slices, and a few other non-low carb fruits to choose from. Yummy and I didn't have to even be tempted to eat anything non-lc. I do think I had too many strawberries though. So good!

We watched a bit of The Simpsons on his kitchen tv and chatted, then moved into his actual tv room to open gifts and chat some more.

I bought him a Simpsons trivia game, some various books on fashion and art that he had expressed interest in, a "Best of" dvd featuring Gilda Radner which I wrapped along with a box of Christmas Dots … running joke with us and the "Judy Miller" character that Gilda performed way back when Matt and I were teens.

He gifted me with some Issey Miyake samples that he had saved for me (that's my favorite scent), several books including the first two of the Twilight series and a Neil Gaiman illustrated novel, and a bottle of G perfume! That is of the Gwen Stefani line. I love it!

After opening gifts we watched several of the skits on the Gilda Radner dvd and asked each other questions from The Simpsons "Scene It" game.

Then of course we admired the ornaments on the tree and chatted lots. John joined us for some chatting and before I knew it, it was time for me to leave. A very fun yearly Christmas ritual. We like to always have our get-together after the Christmas family happenings so that we aren't rushed and not stressed. I like it.


  1. Space Ghost as an ornament?! Nice! You and Matt seem to have a lot of fun together. It's good to have friends like that. :-)

    I hope you and Cro had a grand holiday, Oct. Ours was a mixed bag - lots of travel. It's good to be home but busy, busy, busy.

    That's part of the reason why I've been away from the blogs for the last couple of weeks. No time.

    I'm sure I've missed a lot but hopefully I'll get the chance to catch up sooner or later.

    I wish you and Cro a fun-filled and memorable weekend.

    Our plan is to watch a screener of Sherlock Holmes. A perk of Maddy's job. It should be fun.

  2. Girl, I LOVE your tree! Love me some Heatmeiser and Snowmeiser. Your Christmas decorations should win some kind of an award. ;-)

  3. JP - Matt is an avid fan of retro cartoons and comic books, and toys, and, and, and… so Space Ghost feels right at home on his tree. We had a fun get-together. I'm glad that you found some pleasure in the holidays amidst all of the business. Let us know how the Sherlock Holmes movie is. Wishing you and Mad the best!

    Patty - I love that tree too but all of the credit goes to Matt. I agree, it should win an award.

    Carlos - My fav ornament on his tree is a tiny Rockem' Sockem' Robots game (it really works).


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