Thursday, January 7, 2010


I snow that this will seem tame to some of you (Sadekat for example) but Indy is getting some big snow this morning that is supposed to continue all through tomorrow. Projections are that we will have 5 to 6" by the end of the work day today and for it to keep snowing tomorrow. If I were the only one on the road I wouldn't mind. Jeeps love snow.

Anyway, I contemplated working from home today but came in anyway. Now I'm laughing with Dan (who also got here early) about the time his wife spilled hot coffee in her car and it froze on the floorboard before she could get it wiped up (less than 3 minutes). At least it isn't THAT cold ... it's still darned cold though.

Oh ack! I just chewed an Airborne tablet because I don't have a glass of water to dissolve it in. I felt like throwing up before I took it (that's why I took it) but now I think

... okay, the pause indicates that I no longer think I'm going to throw up. I actually did. :( But now I feel better. I threw up my entire protein shake and the Airborne tablet that I was just talking about. I felt a bit nauseous driving to work this morning. I hope I'm not getting sick. Dang it! That means that all the vitamins I reluctantly take in the morning were thrown up too. Those flax seed oil tabs are the only ones that I'm really regretting losing. Flax seed oil supplements are supposed to help heal my eyes faster.

My eyes are doing awesome btw. Perfect left eye and only a small amount of ghosting in the right eye this morning. I'm going through eye drop packets like mad though.

The scale is still cooperating. 187.6 today. I'll feel much better when I'm back to 175.


  1. Pls provide a warning next time you shift into vomit talk. I almost hurled myself...

  2. crap, I just about threw up again when you asked me to warn you when I was going to talk about vomit. *oh yeah - WARNING = I'm going to talk about vomit ... er well, I did talk about vomit*


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