Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolution Monday - 190lbs

Yay for sugarfree Jello. :)

Back to work and my eyes are crappy ... *sigh*.

Though I've been worried for awhile that the ghosting might end up being permanent, I'm still hopeful that it just needs more time and will resolve on it's own. But just in case it doesn't, I have to think about what can be done to fix this. Apparently there is possibility that it can be corrected with contact lenses. There is also possibility that it can be corrected with another LASIK surgery "enhancement". I am sort of bitter about calling it an "enhancement" because I would call it a correction, not just the tame concept of making something good even better. This is not good. This is messed up.

Anyway, bitterness aside, perhaps I will try to be patient until my next followup visit on the 14th. That is a long time to experience such crappy vision when it is interfering with my work though. I just called the doctor's office and let them know what is up. I spoke to a technician who is going to go over what I explained to the doctor and he is going to call to decide whether he wants to see me before the 14th or not. I let the technician know that I basically just wanted to know if she had seen other people have ghosting for this long and if their's had resolved (because I wanted to feel better about this, have some hope ya know). She said that yes, she's seen a few that have had ghosting for this long and it did get better. That's all I wanted to know ... some hope. :) but the doctor is still going to call me.

January 04, 2010
And in diet news, I am at 190 which totally sucks. And I've only had two planned cheats (my birthday and new year's day) since October. My weight has slowly been creeping up for the last 3 months and I swear it ends here. It is sad because I am so strict with eating low carb but it only takes a lapse in exactness (such as guestimating portion sizes because I've done it so long and I feel confident in my ability) to see it start showing up on the scale. *sigh again*

So today begins the abolishment of guesses. Exact measurements are a pain in the butt but not being careful causes butt hurt of a much greater kind.

So, until I've reached 175 again I will be posting my weight in the title of my posts. Out of site out of mind isn't going to happen here. :)

My vision has improved lots since this morning (which was miserable). I can see well enough that I'm not squinting like mad. The doctor's office just called me back and gave me message from the doctor. They said that this is perfectly normal for some people and that I shouldn't worry and to just keep using the artificial tears often (even though they won't clear things up right away ghosting is most often due to dryness so the tears will help them heal). They offered to move up the Jan 14th appointment but I didn't see a need for that. I'd rather have those two more weeks of healing before I see him because I know he can't do anything for this except say "use the artificial tears frequently".

I didn't use the artificial tears much over the last four days because they didn't seem to change things for the better right after using them (I also stayed off the computer for most of that time because I thought the computer was at fault for making them worse). In reality, the doc's technician said that no, the drops will not clear things immediately but they will help my eyes heal faster which will clear thing up over time. That makes perfect sense to me now.

Today I started off with a high degree of ghosting yet have had to be on the computer constantly. It's now early afternoon, I've been drenching my eyes every hour and the vision is much better after a few hours of doing that. So even though I thought the computer was at fault I think it's the fact that I didn't use the eye drops enough for the long weekend. I will use them LOTS for the next two weeks and hopefully the ghosting will be much resolved by the time of my appointment. That's the plan.


  1. Boo on the weight creep and the sucky eye progress. I'm back to hardcore planning as well to try to hit my goals. Here's hoping 2010 is a kick-ass year for us both!

  2. Yeah, I've felt the major weight creep myself. It hurts. Bad.

    That word enhancement pisses me off too. It's like... admit your mistake... call it a tweek, an adjustment, correction, whatever... but enhancement means you loved it so much, that you went back for more... ugh!

    For now, are you wearing glasses or just kind of "dealing"?

    It's a whole new decade and I can tell already you are going to make the most of it!


  3. Jack - 2010 will be awesome ... we are going to make sure of it. :)

    LCD - I'm just dealing ... it changes every day and I don't even know if there are glasses to correct double vision only. I'm sure my vision is close to 20/25 in both eyes now but getting a single image from all the doubling takes some major squinting. Since it is a bit different every day glasses wouldn't help. Did you have LASIK? How did it go for you? Great I hope. :)

    I'm with you on the weight creep ... it does suck. I think the best thing for us to do is to practice accountability and then commence squelching it back down!

  4. Heya Oct

    I think we all are a little heavier from the holidays.. you might want to try eating some less yogurt and see if that helps.. I was eating yogurt everyday and it slowed things down for me...

    I have heard that the ghosting can occur for a couple months and I have a friend that had the second lasik and it corrected the problem..

    hopefully time will heal.. Anyway, Hope you have a wonderful 2010 :)


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