Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sizzled - 189

Back to work today and lots to do ... so I think I'll start off with blogging, lol.

A couple of my blog friends have honored me with an award so I'll post about that soon. Thank you anne h. and SheZug ... I appreciate you both too! :)

Okay, the gym report. I spent the first part of my day in gym-related activities. First I went to a sporting goods store and bought a few pieces of gym attire. Cro had suggested "Under Armor" so I picked up a couple of shirts, a pair of tight leggings and a pair of loose leggings. I didn't look at prices so was a little sticker shocked when the total for those four items was almost $190. I ended up taking everything back except the tight leggings and got $130 of that cost back. I can just buy a pack of Jocky t-shirts to wear with them but the leggings I felt were important since I want something that doesn't chaff and that will last forever.

The next stop was one of those little tanning shops to look for a pair of tanning goggles. Got them!

Then I was off to the gym. I planned to tan and after discussing my plan of working out and then tanning Cro let me know that was a bad idea and that I should tan first. I guess heating up the core during intense exercise and then immediately tanning would make me sick. Okay, so I tanned first.

Of course I still had to make a stupid move. "How long would you like me to set the timer for?" I was asked by the attendant. "Hmm, it is my first session so ... 20 minutes?" She then said that 20 minutes is the max time allowed for anyone. "Okay, set it for 20 minutes then. If I get hot I'll get out early." She looked at me a little funny but set it for 20 minutes. I didn't have to get out early. It was lovely! Lovely until a few hours later, that is.

Next I went to the cardio area with The Biggest Loser in mind and how their first workout was to ride a stationary bike for 22 miles. They were set up in teams so I figured that meant 11 miles each. The winners of that challenge finished their combined miles in a little over 30 minutes, the losers took a little over an hour. Since these people were much more out of shape than I am (I thought) I had a goal of 11 miles in 30 minutes but felt that I could at least get that many miles within an hour.


I was able to ride 5 miles in 32 minutes and called it good. When I got off the bike I could barely walk and had to hold on to things (like the seats of the next bike in the row) in order not to fall down. As I cooled off I was able to walk again. This wasn't due to sore muscles, that was due to my multiple sclerosis. Ah well, it isn't going to stop me, I just need to remember to sit tight for a couple of minutes before getting off the equipment next time.

Even though it was only 5 miles in 32 minutes, I was still rather proud of myself.

Later that evening I had planned to go back to the gym for another workout but Cro advised against it and thankfully I heeded his advise. By 8pm I was feeling very sun-burnt and a bit sick. By 11pm I had extreme chills and felt sicker than a sick dog. Too much sun tanning for the first time? I would say that was exactly what was wrong.

This morning I feel much much better but here is a photo of my poor burnt face. Even the tip of my nose is burnt!

Oh! I had read previously that a good thing to do for dry eyes is to heat up a cup of water and add a couple of bags of chamomile tea. Remove the tea, drain it and place them over the eyes while resting for 20 minutes. I took a couple of pre-heated chamomile tea bags to tan with me and placed them under my tanning googles. I think my eyes are the ONLY thing that didn't get burnt. :) They actually felt great after my tanning session. The rest of me is OW OW OWY.


  1. Wow! 20 minutes! My first session was FOUR minutes, and I got burnt!

    Ouch :-(

    Keep aloeing yourself up!

    Great job at the gym, though.. I'm sure you'll get some great results from it!

  2. Wow - Well, ya gotta ask yourself - what's 20 minutes here or there?
    Get well soon!


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