Wednesday, January 6, 2010

on track again - 188.8

It's so cold that my ratty gloves are a MUST.

I've also decided that wearing my scarf while working is acceptable today.

I've tested my blood glucose 45 minutes after finishing dinner and it was 94. Yes! Dinner consisted of one CarbMaster yogurt, 30 lime-n-chili flavored almonds, and one Atkins peanut butter cup package. I was so sure that the Atkins treat was going to spike my sugar higher and so happy to see that it didn't. I think the Atkins treat comes to 13carbs even if I don't subtract the sugar alcohols. The yogurt is 3 carbs and the almonds were 2carbs. So all together the max amount for dinner would have been 18 carbs, which might not have been enough to spike my sugar anyway. The Atkins treat is 2carbs if the sugar alcohols are not counted. That would have made dinner total 7 carbs. So, though I'm still not convinced that sugar alcohols are a good thing, I think that they aren't causing me to gain if used in careful moderation.

And *drum roll* the scale is down to 188.8 today. That's at least another sign that what I did yesterday was acceptable. All of the fingertip trauma was worth it just because I like to know what is going on. Unfortunately I don't think I can stand to do that after every meal. I have the kit on hand to test myself when I'm eating something that I feel is worth testing to know. I think I'll test after eating Dreamfield's sometime. Also I'll probably test after eating Carbquik sometime. For now though, no bloodletting!

My eyes are super duper today. :D I'm continuing with using artificial tears every hour that I'm awake. It's especially a pain when I'm settled down for the night and just want to watch tv for a couple of hours, but I'm doing it and the results are awesome. Cro said last night, and I agree with him, that he wishes the doctor had initially been a little more adamant regarding the need for frequent hEYEdration. I really didn't think they were doing any good since they don't change things the moment I put them in. I still used them but over the weekends (long weekends lately) I wasn't using them often enough. I was also under the impression that staying off of the computer would be the golden ticket to fixing everything. Wrong. The computer does help dry them out faster since I forget to blink and because I'm so focused, but the eye drops are the golden ticket. At least I called him and got straightened out.

Last night was an odd one. I had a very long and vivid dream that was full of nonsense combination of the movie Borat, of one of my co-workers who delights in eating (he isn't fat btw), and of a show that I saw last night about survival after armageddon.

I dreamt that Cro and I were harvesting crops after armageddon (throwback to pioneer days, no electricity and fear of aggression from other people). We had a surplus so took it to a dinner party in-progress (it was the dinner party of older ladies who were hosting Borat and shocked by his bad behavior). I told the guy that I work with who loves food that we had extra so come over and take some of the harvest. He arrived and was all excited about the food - so much so that he packed up some of the harvest and started packing up leftovers from the older ladies' dinner party too. They were a bit shocked that he was taking their leftovers but also wanted to act graciously so didn't say much. After my coworker took what he wanted and left I was embarrassed so began to clean the ladies' kitchen to make amends for his behavior. As I was cleaning I received a phone call (odd since there was no electricity) and I needed to get Cro to leave with me but he was in another room. I walked into the other room calling his name and there was a guy that I know just hanging up another phone. I asked if he had seen Cro, he said yes he'd go get him and then the ladies went crazy saying that oh no, he wasn't allowed to talk to anyone for 10 minutes after the phone call or else he would fail the final exam for his Phdand have to take it again. They began to dial the phone to inform the school that he had talked and therefore failed and I was trying to prevent them from dialing. He'd only said four words after all. *sigh* Thankfully I woke up because I felt guilty about my co-worker eating their food and also about causing a phd snafu. :P Too much guilt for a good night's sleep.

Alright, now I have a bucketload of work to do. Ciao.


  1. Glad your eyes are improving. Barot...I wish I had never seen that movie. To this day, I am still disgusted by it.

  2. Oh, and I wish I could get my sugar under a hundred (what my Dr wants). But, I think it is just impossible...I even start out in the morning over 120. I'm very good about counting the carbs, but doesn't seem to matter a bit. In the diabetes class they told us to check 2 hours afer a meal. by then, I am at 160+...with NO carbs.

  3. Yay on the loss and on the eyes acting right (slight boo on all the work, but I guess you'd rather be busy than twiddling your thumbs... me? I'm big on thumb-twiddlin' myself)


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