Sunday, January 17, 2010

We did it! - 188.8

We joined Gold's Gym.

Cro agreed to check it out with me yesterday. It turns out that the gym's manager also worked for the gym that Cro used in Atlanta way back when he was bodybuilding and competing in the amateur circuit. They didn't know each other since Cro had moved to a different gym before that guy started, but they did have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. That was fun. Cro was impressed with the facility, though he did say this gym was much more family oriented and less bodybuilder oriented than what he used to go to. He thought the facility and equipment was well maintained and that they had a good selection of equipment. Overall he gave his stamp of approval so I joined. Yay.

I took the more expensive membership option so I am allowed to bring a guest each time if I like. Essentially that means my membership is two for one and Cro can go with me anytime he likes. That is what swayed my decision. The cheaper option was actually $15 a month rather than $20 a month like I thought. The more expensive option was $25 a month (which actually works out to about $30 a month when you add in the sign-up fee and twice a year gym maintenance fees.

I am excited. My membership includes two sessions with a personal trainer to get me started on the right foot. It has lots of different types of cardio and weight lifting machines, a cardio theater (they project a newly released movie on huge screen in a dimly lit room full of stationary bikes, ellipticals and treadmills). The regular cardio room is normal lighting with individual televisions for each station with all of the audio going to headphone jacks (bring your own headphones).

There is an online tutorial and fitness program that I don't know much about yet but supposedly I'll be able to get suggestions on my workouts and track them along with my progress. I think an eating plan can also be tailored to me but I don't know if they have plans for low carb yet. My eating plan MUST BE low carb, it gives me too many benefits to even consider going back to high carb.

Hmm, there is also a large swimming pool which I'm excited about, basketball area (meh), racketball room (I've never played that), and another workout room that I assume is for classes. Oh and they have a separate women's only work out area that I can use if I like. That might be fun just to have more incentive to bond with the other girls, but we'll see. In the women's only area there is also a sauna, showers, lockers.

Hmm, what did I leave out? I'm sure lots but I'll tell more after I actually get started. Today I plan to buy some sneakers and workout attire along with a couple of combination locks for us, possibly a swimsuit if I can find them being sold in the middle of winter and some swim goggles to protect my new peepers from the chlorine.

Ah, here is a quick copy and paste of their websites list of local amenities.
  • Apex Personal Training
  • Basketball Court
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Cardio Theater
  • Free Weights
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Kids Zone
  • Locker Rooms
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutritional Products
  • Racquetball
  • Resistance Machines
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Spinning room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tanning
  • TV's everywhere!!!
The first of my two personal trainer sessions is Thursday evening. I hope he is tough on me like The Biggest Loser trainers. :) He knows that I have MS and foot drop so hopefully he'll be able to work around that. I think the only thing I'll not be able to do is the treadmill though. I'm willing to try whatever he wants me to do and if I fall down, so be it.


  1. That's awesome. Just start slow and build up to doing more.

    For me, exercise is the key component to making the rest of this weight-loss journey work. The added benefits... stress reduction, better sleeping... are just icing on the fat-free cake.

  2. Oct
    I left a blogging award for you on my post today!
    Just to say thanks for all the nice comments/feedback you've left for me for the past months!

  3. I hope you have fun at the gym!
    I also gave you an award (the same as Anne) today. :))


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