Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All the king's horses and

The Restasis doesn't burn like I was warned but amazingly my vision was clear all evening. I was hoping that this morning's Restasis would keep them clear even through the day of banging my eyes with the computer screen but although they aren't as ghosted as they were yesterday they aren't clear either.

After googling "How long does Restasis take to work?" I read people claiming that it only works for 17 percent of people prescribed and that even then it normally takes months before any difference can be noticed. I also read that maybe it works better for people with autoimmune disorders (yay MS ... um did I really say that?). I hope my good experience with it so far isn't just a fluke.

My mom often complains of having dry eyes. I didn't really know what she was going through until after my LASIK surgery. I doubt she is having ghosting and probably she feels that her eyes are dry so maybe I still don't know what she goes through. My eyes don't FEEL dry. They aren't gritty. They don't feel like there is a foreign body in them. They don't feel irritated. I just see double and the doctor sees dry places on my eyes. If he didn't see it and I wasn't ghosting I would never know they are dry.

Anyway, mom is also on Restasis though she told me that she had to stop using it. I called her yesterday to ask about her experience and what was the reaction that caused her to stop. I think she said because it burned (it doesn't burn me at all). She said that she is using it again though. When I asked if she could tell if it was working she said that she definitely could tell.

I'm allowed to use regular eye drops throughout the day but I'm hesitant. I don't want to wash away any Restasis residue.

Humpty Dumpty day. Does anyone know the story behind that nursery rhyme? Most things like that are prompted by real events aren't they? Usually something political. Maybe there was a guy named something like Humphrey Dupree who was murdered by being pushed off a wall. It must have been oldy times because the rhyme introduces a king and his entourage. Maybe Humphrey was killed by enemies of the king and the rhyme is a memorable taunt saying that nya nya, we killed him and you can't fix that. *shrug* I have a big imagination.

Humphrey Dupree sat on a wall
Humphrey Dupree had a great fall

Maybe Humphrey was a rotund man since the illustrations which accompany the nursery rhyme depict him as a big egg.

Tonight I have my next personal training session with Jacob.
Today I have a ton of work to do.
Later tonight I will watch more American Idol. The performances last night mostly sucked. I sort of liked the platinum blonde chic that reminds me of Cindy Lauper. I think I fell asleep before it was over so I'll watch the last few girls tonight too.


  1. Glad the Restasis is starting to help.

    Thought this might interest you (as I'm trying to learn/remember old nursery rhymes to recite to Tabitha!)

  2. Thanks Patsy, that's a very fun link and even has origin information.

    I also searched for origin of Humpty Dumpty and found this link, I love all of the history behind it even if there is no definitive answer.


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