Monday, February 22, 2010


The quiet of Monday morning at work is nice ... not as nice as Saturday afternoon at home but still, it's nice. The calm before the storm of the work week beginning. This week promises to be a busy one already ... yes I've checked my work email and there are projects to review already.

I bought several different boxes of preservative-free eye drops Friday night in hopes that one of them will improve this ghosting that I still deal with every day. Somedays it is minimal and somedays it is uber-frustrating. I think I've stumbled on a winner but today's computer stare-down will be the test. The one that I like is a thicker gel drop that seemed to give near-immediate results yesterday and lasted longer than the thin liquid drops that flow right into my sinus cavity. My next LASIK follow-up with the doctor is tomorrow morning. Here's hoping that my vision tests to be even better than the last time and that these drops keep it from ghosting very much today. Oh, and that perhaps the doc will give me encouraging news on when I can expect the dryness to resolve and the ghosting vanish for good. I have lots of hopes don't I.

After watching a "Where are they now?" show about formal The Biggest Loser contestants I learned that one of the girls was told that she must work out for an hour 5 or 6 days a week if she expects to maintain her loss. I'm glad that I've joined a gym and am working up to being as dedicated. I currently spend between 45 minutes to an hour working out for 5 or 6 days a week.

Speaking of the gym, I worked out for a hour on the recumbent bike Saturday morning. It's nice getting there when they are just opening the doors at 7am to beat the crowd. It is also kind of cool to see who else is getting there so early. :) Sunday morning the gym doesn't open until 9am ... boo. I went at 8:15 but since they were closed I changed route to the grocery and browsed eye drops for a good while, picked up a few different types, cleaned the store out of Atkins peanut butter cups and still got back to the gym before it opened. I did 30 minutes of recumbent bike followed by 30 minutes of strength training that morning. Tonight I will try to do at least 45 minutes on the bike before heading home. I might tan too (before the workout). Thankfully there should be a new movie playing on the Cardio Cinema tonight. I've caught Angels & Demons (good movie) four times in the same spots over the last few days. I catch the middle-end, then the closing credits, then the opening credits, then the beginning of the movie until my workout is over. So I've missed the middle of the movie each time.

I wish that some of you lived in Indy so I would have workout buddies. My forth personal training session will be this Wednesday then I only have two more weekly sessions before they change to once a month for the rest of the year. I've learned enough that I can do what he's already shown me without help so I think after three more weekly sessions I will be set up well with know-how. YouTube has been a great help with reviewing technique too.

Cro made a roast with onions, mushrooms and tossed in some radishes for me (carrots for him) and has it all separated so we can easily dish up what we want for dinners this week. I had a tiny bit last night and mmm it is goooood.

I watched a Food Network program that I like lots called Chopped last night. It's a competition in which four chefs are each presented with a small basket of mystery ingredients (same for each chef) and they must come up with a course featuring those ingredients in very limited amount of time. They are then judged by a panel of three and one of the chef's is "chopped" - ie eliminated. The remaining chef's then move on to the next course and are presented with new baskets of mystery ingredients to use. Long story but last night one of the female chef's participating in the challenge spoke about how she is doing this to prove to her daughter that women can be successful at anything they chose to apply themselves to. After winning the final competition the woman said that she is shy but her grandmother taught her that shy people don't win. Therefore she goes through life not allowing her "shyness" to dictate her actions. I liked that. I try to not allow social anxieties to hold me back either.


  1. You are getting quite good at that recumbent bike, you little gym rat you! <333

    Did that movie look good, from what you saw?

  2. Angels and Demons? Yes, I thought it was a very good movie though I don't think I want to watch the middle-end nor beginning ever again, lol. Then again, better than what's on the televisions in the other areas of the gym. Jeopardy, news or music videos? I'd watch Angels and Demons again.

  3. I want to learn more about the r bike.
    I posed for one so a lady could buy her daughter one.
    It fit just right.
    And peanut butter Atkins.

  4. I looked up recumbent bikes and found a couple of nice ones for under $100 on Craig's List. I decided not to buy one ... if I had my own I would have little motivation to go to the gym and the gym membership and training cost SO MUCH. I don't want an excuse not to go. The Atkins peanut butter cups get bought out of inventory any time I see them at my grocery. This is because a week ago there were none on the self and I had to go without. Now I make sure that doesn't happen (at least not to me ... the person coming for them after me is out of luck!)

  5. You are so dedicated and inspirational! I wish either I lived in Indy or you lived in Reno.

  6. Hehe to the person who follows you in the store....
    And thanks for the info on the bike.
    My inseam is 30 and I am 5'2"
    So I have very long legs.
    I betcha I could get some serious bike riding up in here!
    The fancy bikes are SO much more a better fit.

  7. Donna - thanks. :) It would be fun if we lived close.

    anne - I'm also a shorty (5'3) but I don't think my legs are long ... they are just normal legs. I like the recumbent bike because it has a bigger and relatively more comfy seat.

  8. Hmm, this post changed, but you can't trick me.


  9. you lost me, which part changed? :)

  10. I didn't remember the part about CHopped. I like that show but I always miss the first part. Guess I'm losing it!


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