Thursday, February 25, 2010


I came in to work extra early this morning to have extra time to work on an extra important project that is due to client tomorrow but needs to be completed for internal review by the team today.

I'm not nervous at all about the "Topics & Trends" presentation that I have to give before the team today. The lack of nerves is likely to do with the fact that I will be taking about my topic off the cuff rather than scripted. I find it's less stressful to talk about something I already now and live day to day than to talk in a point-by-point style of presentation. Anyway, no time to think about it because I have so much to do this morning for an upcoming deadline that IS causing me a bit of stress. That's the way of my world though.

The Restasis seems to be working extra well and has cut down my double vision (ghosting) while working on the computer by about half. If it has done this well when I've only used it for a day and a half so far I think it's going to be just the thing I needed to reverse this dry eye situation. I hope I hope. I noticed last night while driving home that the ghosting wasn't an issue. Last night watching American Idol - no ghosting. This morning getting ready and then driving to work - no ghosting. Start to work - the ghosting is back but not as strongly. Clear up. Clear up!

My training session with Jacob was very good last night. I asked if he could introduce me to more of the machines and so he did. He then got to see how determined I can be when he asked each time if the weight was too much and I said that it wasn't starting out but we'll see in a few reps. He chuckled and said well, if you can't get through 20 reps we'll know it's too much. I said I'll get through 20 reps because I'm thinking of it as a challenge now. I did though it was VERY difficult after only a few. My arms would shake as I got to muscle failure but I still did the reps. After two sets he said that's all we'll do at that weight because he didn't want me to injure the muscle. I know that's stupid of me but I couldn't resist the extra challenge. Cro has injured muscle by lifting too much in the past.

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  1. Hi friend - just checking in on you are Cro and your new peepers.
    Hope all is well!


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