Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lots of talking

I'm finally out of my tantric meeting (in my mind that means "lengthy meeting" and does not involve tantric sex in any manner. lol)

Anyway, I saw the LASIK doc this morning and bad news. My eyes are still dry, still ghosting lots when I'm in front of the computer (so nearly all the time) and he said he doesn't expect it to resolve by the end of the 3 months post-op date. :(

He said that he didn't expect that they would still be this bad but he still says they will clear up with time. I just need to take more aggressive measures against the dryness. He prescribed Restasis, told me to continue taking flaxseed oil and to set up a humidifier in my house if possible. Also to avoid "drying" situations like air blowing in my face, smoke, atmospheres where there are heavy perfumes, and anything else that might dry them out. I guess my eyes aren't producing the right mix of tears on their own yet. The Restasis is likely to help with that but he says it could take up to 4 months before we know. *sigh*

If anyone has used Restasis I'd love to hear your experience with it. Also if anyone has tips on other things to do to help add moisture to dry eyes I'd love to hear that too. Right now I use eye drops at least once every hour (more than that really) and will be adding Restasis to that routine twice a day. I'm going to go broke from eye drops!

In good news, I can tell that my eyes have been improving over time and the ghosting isn't as bad as it used to be. The doc says that my prescription is a little worse than my last visit but that my eyes are still fluctuating from day to day so tomorrow, for example, they could be back to what they were before.

Off the LASIK topic, I have to write and perform a 5 minute presentation to the web team this Thursday at our "Topics and Trends" meeting. I have no idea what I'm going to talk about but I have to come up with it today and submit any handouts that go with my presentation by end of day tomorrow. That on top of my normal client work that is still due and not to be affected by any of this. *stress* *stress* Anyone have a topic idea that would make a good 5-minute presentation regarding something marketing-internet-strategy related? Maybe I should just give a stress-relieving tips and workout routine demonstration, lol.


  1. Sorry you're still experiencing dry eyes... I have a vague recollection of having this after the Lasik, but for now more than a week or so... I really hope the Restasis helps... I feel quite guilty (silly, I know) because I was raving so much about the benefits of Lasik before you had the procedure done...

  2. You shouldn't feel guilty Patsy. You were only speaking from your own experience. My doctor even said today that what is happening with me is no longer a normal result. I was hoping for good news but now he knows we need to treat the dry eyes more aggressively. That's a positive outcome for the day which will hopefully lead to this fully resolving with time. :) In the meantime, other than fuzzy computer screen, I love not wearing contact lenses.


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