Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mid-day musings (gym, movie, birthday gifts)

Last night's cardio was only 45 minutes. My muscles were still sore from the previous evening's strength training but I did as much as I could stand. The same movie was playing and I still didn't care for it. It was Duplicity staring Julie Robert and Clive Owen. It was a romantic comedy corporate espionage sort of thing which didn't appeal to my tastes. I wonder what will be playing tonight, I think it's been 3 days and so time for them to switch movies. :)

Tonight is strength training again followed by some cardio (but a lesser amount than my cardio-only days). Tomorrow is personal training so I get to learn a new routine.

Mom's birthday is upcoming and I thought it would be cool to get her a Bosu ball along with a couple of books on training techniques for a nervous horse. Her new Rocky Mountain mare is 4 years old and gets frightened way too easily, making her dangerous to ride. I found a couple of promising books but decided to get her a stability ball and DVD of exercises when I saw the price of a Bosu. Over $100. Yikes. That would have to be the only gift if I were to spend that much. I'd rather get her the books and dvd along with stability ball.


  1. Wow, you're jumping into this exercise business with both feet. WTG!

  2. Thanks Jack ... I can't say it's easy, but thankfully I'm either determined or stubborn because I'm doing it.


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