Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday again - forgot

The weekend was supposed to be a super de-stress and decompress weekend but it turned out to fly by without my accomplishing even that ... meaning that I tried to get things done rather than relaxing. Maybe next weekend things will start fitting back into place for me but for now I feel like I'm trying to tread water in the middle of rapids.

I ate carbs on Saturday (chips with salsa and queso at a mexican restaurant) which lead to a bad MS foot-drop situation after my 45 minutes of cardio on Sunday. I can only be thankful that my body responds well to low carb in multiple ways so that I have more than one source of motivation for not allowing the carbs to creep up. That 45 minutes of cardio was pretty darned difficult and it took nearly half an hour before I cooled off enough to walk without a limp again. I'm proud that I got through the workout. I know that it is doing me much good and that my normal walk is more steady and at a faster pace ... though I still can't go far before that changes to a limp and foot drag. Small improvements add up over time though, right?

I've got two days of hell ahead of me so I'd better dig in and give this work my full attention. Oh, and the game last night was painful. I was sad to see the Colts play so poorly after having such a great season. And The Who wasn't that enjoyable either. Maybe I'm jaded from the game.


  1. That is so great that you're getting after it with the cardio. Besides all the other benefits, I find that getting my sweat on is a great stress reliever (and in our biz, that's something we def need).

    Keep up the great work (and sorry about Colts).

    And I agree about the Who... kinda creepy.

  2. I was rooting for the Colts too. I agree, I didn't like the Who either.

    I'll relax this weekend if you do too.

  3. Yikes - I didn't even watch the game.
    Hope you are well, Oct.
    Small improvements.....over time......
    Corn tortilla chip rush!

  4. Jack - agree. agree. agree. One good. One stinky. One creepy.

    Donna - Colts will get it next year. :) And the Who need to retire imo. On the relax this weekend thing ... Deal! Let's have a relaxing next weekend if we can.

    anne - I'm well and sorry that I watched the game. Booooo. And sorry that I ate corn chips. And sorry that it is snowing so much! Gym tonight though so that is good.


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