Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More "Phone"tography from today's drive to work

I saw 3 slide-offs and one big bad multi-car wreck with a ring of emergency vehicles on the scene. The strangest slide-off that I saw was a truck that was so far into a ditch that only one of it's tires was touching the ground ... the front driver's side tire. Both back tires and the front passenger were hanging out in the open air and the truck was nose-down supported by the one tire and propped up by the sides of the ditch it was in. I wasn't able to get a photo (too dangerous to slow down and snap one) but I wish I had that visual to share.

The typical morning drive begins ... well the snow isn't all that typical, but for this time of year it's expected to be around ... for a couple of weeks or so at least.

I was able to get out a bit earlier than yesterday. This means the skies were a bit darker and the traffic wasn't quite as heavy. People still suck driving in snow (except me of course). :)

A lot of the vehicles out this morning sported snow-covered back windshields. I think the lead car on the left may have a partially obscured window in the pic below. I am so thankful for my garage.

Just another blurry road pic. I have to take these at careful moments so that I don't end up in a ditch.

You can't see very clearly, but in the pic below I am almost to the spot where 3 emergency vehicles were surrounding the multi-car wreck. Traffic was at a standstill as people waited to get around this mess.

Tiny men in reflective jackets shovel a snowy parking lot entrance.

Entering downtown at 7ish am.

More downtown and a shot of the city's tallest building. Indy doesn't have very tall buildings compared to Chicago ... I think that one is ... heck I'll look it up ... it's 48 stories. Here's a link if you are interested in seeing the tower's wikipedia page (or just really bored).

Another pic of the tower and of the snuddy (snowy-muddy) streets of downtown Indy.

Chase Tower photo taken as I sat at a stoplight.

Almost to work, just a few more blocks to drive and I'll be there.

And I've arrived ... safe in my little covered parking spot.

This pic is taken from inside the office where it is nice and WARM!

Looking over the Scotty's Brewhouse downstairs. Their firepit is full of snow. I doubt people would want to lunch outside today anyway. It would be cool if they would turn that space into an ice skating park during the winter months.

Tonight I have my second personal training session. Last night I did 45 minutes of recumbent biking and it was damn difficult to get through. I did it though so I'm proud of my determination. It was soooo difficult though. :( I have to detail a typical weeks diet with carb and calorie counts for my trainer before I go in tonight. I watched The Biggest Loser last night and finally gleaned that they work out for 6 hours a day. I've often wondered what they do to lose so much weight each week. I missed American Idol and it didn't record. Boo!

My company let a couple of people go yesterday and I'm glad I wasn't one of them. It's economy related but it is so crappy to see us have to do that. We are a small company and so I get very attached to the people here. When is the economy going to get better? In other work news, my meeting with the difficult clients went very well yesterday. They were thrilled with the design and seemed to like me too. :)

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  1. My heart is thumping just thinking about the cold!
    Stay warm!


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