Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phonto Montage - 189

This is what my world looks like lately.

Four days ago (Friday) after the first big snow.

My back yard (above) and back of my house (below).

On the way to work this morning.

The reason I got here in one piece. :)

Entering downtown.

What a snowy, foggy mess.

Though I can still see the top of the tallest building downtown
so I suppose it isn't THAT bad.

The streets are slick with snow and mud though.

Snow and mud, hmm ... Snud.

My building is the shorter brown one nestled between
the clock building and slightly taller one to it's right.

My building is directly on the right.

And here are my cherished covered parking spaces.
Hanging from the rear-view mirror is one of Cro's
rattlesnake rattles (he didn't kill it ... he loves snakes).

Looking out from my covered parking space.

No one else is under here yet. Well ... it was before 8am still.

Directly ahead - view from my Jeep.
The door to get inside the office. Not far to walk
and not much ice to worry about under here.


  1. No, no, no, no, no... this was a work-from-home kinda day. That's what I did!

  2. Be careful on those icy roads... It's chilly here (UK) and snow is forecast for later in the week...

  3. Love the montage -
    Snud is a goon name for it!


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