Friday, February 12, 2010

Roman Scare - 189

Strength training tonight ... I'm not really looking forward to the scary Roman Chair but the rest of it will be fun. I went to the grocery last night to pick up more Atkins peanut butter cups and the shelf was bare. :(

I watched Survivor Heroes & Villains last night and OMG. The first challenge was brutal and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Injuries in that first few minutes or so included a dislocated shoulder for one girl and multiple fractures of one toe for another guy. It made me sad to watch people engaging in such brutality over a game. I hope that won't be the trend for the remainder of the season. I love Survivor but that sort of violence is out of line and more horrifying than anything else. This isn't the age when Roman Collosseum style entertainment comes back into fashion is it? :S

Hmm, that makes me wonder if that piece of exercise equipment called the Roman Chair may have it's roots in some sort of torture device.

And with that ... happy Friday! lol
Seriously I am glad the weekend begins tonight ... and Valentine's Day is Sunday. I think I promised to try to de-stress and decompress this weekend. I hope that works out.


  1. I was glad Sugar didn't let Sandra's dirty trick keep her down. I missed the other dirty play... dang farmville!

  2. Yeah, I was sad to see her go ... she was my favorite during her first season.


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