Monday, February 15, 2010

Rushing to a meeting

Valentine's Day weekend was nice but as with all weekends it went too fast. Cro and I agreed not to buy gifts for each other but to write a sweet note and give a card and share the memory of a nice day. We almost kept our agreement, he surprised me with some gorgeous orange (my favorite color) tea roses and a long-stem red rose. I love that man.

We went to Ted's Montana Grill for a steak (for him) and fish (for me) and had an enjoyable time chatting about sweet and silly stuff over our valentine dinner. Great memories.

I did an hour on the recumbent bike at the gym Saturday morning and did strength training to muscle failure (that just means until I couldn't do any more reps because my muscles were spent) on 4 different machines (leg press, hip abduction, roman chair, chest press and then did leg lifts (the kind that work out the abs). After the strength training I did 20 minutes of cardio on the recumbent bike and called it good. A movie that I just couldn't get into was playing in the cardio theater Sunday so I wasn't sorry that my cardio only lasted 20 minutes that time. Unfortunately they only switch the movie every third day so it will still be playing tonight when I want to get in a minimum of 45 minutes of cardio (preferably an hour). I might have to do my cardio in another part of the gym tonight because I don't know if I can sit through that movie.

Oop, gotta go.


  1. Our men can be wonderful at times, eh? :o)

    Impressive work at the gym! I remember one time I worked out to (leg) muscle failure and on the walk home, was staggering all over the place, like I'd had far too much to drink! I took it a tiny bit easier the next time... ;o)

    How is your lasik settling down?

  2. Thanks Patsy,

    With my MS, I don't even have to get to muscle failure to be stumbling like a drunk person ... but I can walk straight again once I cool down (this snowy weather helps!).

    The LASIK vision has improved lots but I'm still experiencing ghosting (sometimes lots of ghosting). It's still frustrating but I'm only at two months post-op so surely it will resolve in the next month or so. I use the eye-drops like mad and have some very good days too. :)


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