Friday, February 5, 2010

Thankfully Friday - 186

I skipped the gym last night, boo on me. I will certainly be going tonight for my 45 minutes of cardio. Perhaps I will be able to catch the rest of that movie that I watched 45 minutes of during my last long cardio. There may be a new movie playing though since they claim to change the movie every three days. I hope it is a good one because the theater aspect of cardio theater makes the workout much less boring.

On my way in the door last night the phone was ringing. It was Konrad calling to express sympathy for my dad passing. Kon is the longtime friend from Liverpool who has maintained contact with me for nearly two decades. Since we haven't seen each other in that long I'd say that is a feat. We first encountered each other as pin pals. I'd placed my name and address in The Police (rock group) fan newsletter and he chose my name to write. His dad bought him a ticket to America to spend a week with me when we were teens. Later, at age 20 he visited again and before the end of that two-week holiday he proposed marriage and I accepted. During the next few years we came to realize that we were too young to maintain such a long distance relationship without means to see each other at any known point in the future. We were both in university (me in the states and him in England) and were broke as most college kids find themselves to be. We made the rational decision to break off our love relationship but to remain friends throughout life. We have done that. :)

So, long story I know but we have remained friends for all this time but haven't seen each other since age 20. :) AND ... he is going to visit next month. Hopefully we'll have things to talk about, I've always been a much more quiet person than most. Cro is looking forward to meeting him and I can't wait to tell Matt (he remembers Kon from when we were 18). Kon has also asked if we could stop by and see my mom so he can give his condolences to her. I think mom will appreciate seeing him. She has often said that when I make a friend I keep them for life. I don't have many many friends, but it's true that I have good lifelong friends.

Anyway, more about this another time. I need to start my work day.


  1. Hey, I missed the post about your dad and then your comment thingamajig was busted last time I was over here... anyway, my deepest sympathies for your loss. I know it's tough for you and your family.

  2. really cool! I have a friend that I haven't seen in 20 years too! We kept in touch through all sorts of stuff, but lost contact about 5 years ago. She moved and I got married so we couldn't find each other. Through FB we got back in touch a week ago.

    I saw something today that I think you will like!

    It sounds yummy, but since I am allergic to jalapenos I have to stay away.

  3. Jack - Thanks for the note. Yes it is very tough but no one gets out of this place alive. I'm going to keep getting the most of everything while I'm here. :) And curses to the stupid comment thingamajig ... no idea what caused it to stop working.

    Donna - Wow, facebook is cool isn't it. Haha, bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers! Thanks for the recipe. I almost made jalapeño poppers last night. Laughed that they suggest seeding the peppers first unless you like the heat. I LOVE the heat.

  4. I think it's ok to peel off from the gym every now and then.


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