Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Training tonight ... I'm looking forward to it and worried about what sort of exercises Jacob might present me with. I'm always nervous about that though and so far he has been great about not giving me anything that requires more balance than my MS allows. I've been working extra hard to strengthen my abs this week, even doing more than he recommended. I'm sure that it takes more than a week to see results in my abilities but at least I'm a week into it now.

I did strength training last night and 25 minutes of biking. It was freakishly difficult to stay the full time (as usual!) but I did it. I wish there was a miracle motivation pill ... well there probably is but I wouldn't want to take it and be a druggie, lol. I'm always proud and happy when I've reached a goal though ... even small ones.

I'm quick to beat myself up too ... like night before last I said out loud to Cro "I am SO lazy!" with an exasperated sigh. I was cuddling up in my fav chair under a blanket and had just turned on the television. Then Cro said that I had worked all day, gone in an hour early, gone to the gym and had done 45 minutes of cardio, came home and made stuffed peppers for our dinner and that I wasn't lazy. *pfft* well I felt lazy at that moment but that chair was just soooo cozy. I wish I was in my cuddly chair right now. :)

"Walk the Line", that Johnny Cash biographical movie was on the cardio cinema last night. Very cool, I love his music and it seems to be a very cool movie from the bit I saw last night. It will still be playing through Thursday.

At 11pm tonight it will be three weeks since dad's death. I have two very short recordings of his voice on my Razr cell phone. In one of them he tells me that he loves me before we end the call and in the other one he says my name and is thanking me for finding some music that he wanted. I listen to both of these voice recordings every couple of days and am so glad that I have them even though they are only a few seconds long. It makes me worry about losing my phone ... I want to find a way to save voice recordings off of that phone and onto the computer. It's a Motorola Razr (just in case any of you have done this yourselves). The voice recordings aren't accessible through BlueTooth but there has to be a way to save them to computer.


  1. It's been awhile since I owned a Razr, but if your phone has a voice record option, play the message while you record it. Then transfer that audio file from your phone (via a cable or bluetooth) to a computer. Or just get a new phone and store that one away as a keepsake...

    Good job on the workouts. Keep it up and you'll find that it gets somewhat addictive (not as addictive as lazy chair sitting tho).

  2. You last paragraph just made me cry... I don't know how to save the recording from you phone, but I'm sure there must be a way... If it's not actually possible, can you play it on loudspeaker and set up a mic to record directly onto your pc?

    I did a quick google search for you (which I'm sure you've already done) but I could only find other people asking the same question...

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful... I know how important this must be to you...

  3. Thanks Jack - it is a voice recording (available through the tools menu) and not a voicemail. There is no option for voice recordings other than PLAY and DELETE and they don't show up in the BlueTooth audio records. I'll just keep searching for a way or store the phone in safekeeping like you mentioned. :)

    Patsy - It almost made me cry to read that it made you cry. I will google to see how to play the voice records on speaker (or a way to attach an external speaker). I did google to find a way to save them and think there is an old solution requiring purchase of a certain cable. ... so I'm not out of luck I just need to find that article again and get the cable if there is no easier way.

  4. I have John's cell phone number on my phone still. I refuse to erase it and sometimes I think of calling it, but I know I would get upset when it says the number is disconnected or if someone actually answered. I found three pictures of him at work and I treasure those pictures so much.

    Maybe there's something on the internet about how to get your Dad's recordings onto your computer? I really liek that picture of your Dad too. :)

  5. I guess it's just natural for there to be remnants of loved ones stored in the technology our world has grown to use. Dad kept notebooks with grandma's handwriting in them. I still keep things like that too. Something they touched, that bears their image, that holds their voice.

  6. I email files to myself - when I had a Razr.
    How very sweet !


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