Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short tour of Indiana pics

Just a taste of more and better quality pics to come. Most of these were taken with my Razr cell phone and so the quality sucks. The pics of Kon driving mom and I around on the farm were taken with Cro's iPhone. Kon will be sending the pics he took when he finds a moment to do so (likely after he returns home).

Waiting for Konrad's plane to arrive.

Checking to see if he is on time (it was early and had arrived!).My first "real life" glimpse of Kon since we were age 20.
A live band playing at the Rathskeller. The guitarist looked like John Travolta with long hair.
Konrad giving me a goofy face.
Me trying to take my own pic. Glass of Guinness.
John Travolta at the guitar again.
Directly in the center of this pic is a dude with green mohawk.

Konrad in front of the Motor Speedway Museum.

Kon inside a model Indy Car.

It was an accomplishment to get back out of the car.

Kon on the finish line bricks.

Various people who were also on the IMS tour.

View from inside the pagoda.

View from mom's house (see them on the Mule farm vehicle in the distance).

It's Hobbs! :)

Mom, Kon and Hobbs.

Hmm, an accident ahead.

Kon taking me for a ride with the Mule vehicle.

Kon and me again.

Mom and Kon.

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