Monday, March 8, 2010


My eyes are great again today. I think the ghosting is pretty much behind me. I have lots of work to do before the weekend, especially since I will be on vacation and playing tour guide all next week.

At noon today I decided to walk to the hotel that Konrad is going to book since it's only 4 blocks from my office. I just wanted to see how hard it is going to be for me to walk there if I park at the office during his stay. Unfortunately I walked the wrong direction and discovered I was off track when I was 3.5 blocks south rather than west (the direction of his hotel). So I turned around and walked back and was starting to get limpy (damn MS!!!) before I got back to the office. :( That would have been scary if it were night so he's just going to have to understand that I can't walk everywhere. I'll be fine walking from my office to his hotel and back as long as we let me cool down between. I definitely won't be able to do a walking tour of downtown with him nonstop. That's what the Jeep is for. :)

I plan to bike 20 miles tonight at the gym again or whatever an hour will get me (20+ miles). Funny how I can do that but I can't even walk 8 blocks. I have handles and a seat for the bike though.

Here's how the itinerary I've planned is fleshing out. I really hope he won't be bored, but if he is it's not like I didn't warn him. It's just Indy.

Wednesday March 17
- 8pm: airport
- drive hotel to check-in
- 9pm-whenever: St Patty's celebration at the Rathskeller

Thursday March 18
- sleep late
- 11am Brugge for lunch
- Wander around Indy. Maybe Eideljorg Indian and old West Museum)
- Browse the mall and Colts store
- Avatar at the imax theater?
- Brian and his wife to possibly join us for tasting at a local brewing company
- Brian and his wife to possibly join us for dinner at Rock Bottom

Friday March 19
- sleep late
- visit WillRan office and have lunch will some of my co-workers and friends at Scotty's Brewhouse
- Alice in Wonderland movie with Matt.
- Drinks with Matt and John
- probably hang out with Matt and John or I'll find another option later

Saturday March 20
- sleep in
- 10am - pick up from hotel and go to the motor speedway for 11am tour
- 2:30pm Union Jack's pub in Broad Ripple to watch the France vs England rugby game and have pizza
- activity for the evening? another movie?

Sunday March 21
- 10am - drive to mom's for a visit
- get lunch somewhere
- stop in at Headstone Friends
- maybe drive by ISU
- do other nostalgic sight-seeing in Terre Haute
- pick up a quick dinner (maybe Philly Steak House or 5-Guys)
- watch movies at our place

Monday March 22
- 10am-ish get breakfast somewhere cool (maybe Zest in Broadripple)
- airport (be there at noonish)


  1. I know I am exhusted just reading.

  2. It seems to me like you are sooo bysy all the time. Take a rest girl! Enjoy your week off.

  3. Char - yeah, what's up with that? Looking forward to his visit and hope that it provides a little rest (though entertaining is often more work than going to work!). Maybe I'll talk him into taking it easy Thursday due to his jet lag and the late night St. Patty's day celebrating. Hey, I probably won't have to do much convincing.


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