Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good news

My eyes are sparkling clear today ... even at the computer. This is amazing because yesterday I said for the first time that I regret having LASIK done. Once it is done there is no going back though.

Anyway, yesterday was the lowest of lows for me regarding my eyes and I felt like my options were diminishing quickly. Now that I'm trying Restasis the only other option that I know is tear duct plugs to prevent the moisture from draining away so quickly. Who knows if it would even work for me.

The ghosting was so bad yesterday that I feared I wouldn't be able to keep my job if it doesn't clear up. I HAVE to be able to see to do my work. Every day of work has been a struggle but it was a struggle with hope. After my doctor said that at this point it is no longer normal to have this much ghosting, well that sort of got to me when the ghosting came back after those first couple of days on Restasis.

I started using regular eye drops again between my Restasis applications, hoping that the ghosting was only back because I was silly in thinking I didn't need the re-wetting drops anymore.

Today my eyes are clear. The ghosting is so minimal that it's not hindering my sight at all and I'm HAPPY!!! And amazed. And relieved.

Oh and Konrad (an old friend that I haven't seen in 20ish years) has booked his flight and will be visiting us from the 17th - 22nd.


  1. I'm so glad your eyes are doing well today. I had PRK (a slightly more invasive process than lasik, because my corneas were too thin for lasik) about 1-1/2 years ago; I also have dry eye. It took almost 6 months for my vision to resolve, and the ghosting and halos to go away. I did find that using eye drops several times a day made all the difference! Even now, I have eye drops next to the bed to use once or twice in the night, as my eyes are SO dry that I literally cannot open them until I moisten them.

    My vision right now is fantastic and I'm so happy I did it, but I went through the same concerns as you initially. You may still have blurry days, but trust me, it will get better and better all the time.

  2. Graciela! Thank you so much for posting about your dry eyes and ghosting problem. Now I no longer feel so odd and alone in this. I'm so happy that your problems have resolved and that you are now happy to have had the PRK done. Your good news makes me even more sure that the ghosting will be gone for good at some point. :D

    I asked for PRK in the beginning and was told that LASIK would be a better choice. I later wondered if I'd been allowed PRK if I wouldn't have this problem. Your post lets me know that I probably would have.

  3. Do you still have to use the preservative-free drops or can you use the cheaper ones at the point were you are now?

  4. The better to see you with, my dear!
    I tried one of your Atkins PB cups.....yummy!
    My eyes water all the time.
    It's called "crying" I suppose!
    *But I'm getting better, now*

  5. anne - they ARE yummy aren't they! I'm glad you are getting better at not crying. I cry lots but my tears are no good. I guess the LASIK broke them and it will take awhile before I can produce the right type of tears to keep my eyes moist. Weird isn't it.

  6. I would have preferred to have lasik, because PRK is much more painful. I had to hide out in a dark room for almost a week. The only difference between PRK and lasik, is in lasik, they just make a flap, do the correction, and put the flap back. In PRK, they actually scrape off the corneas (OUCH!), which takes about a week to grow back. Hence the hiding in a dark room. :)

    I am allergic to almost all eye drops, both single use preservative free, and regular moisturizing drops in bottle. The only type I can use (and I've tried a dozen) is the very expensive single-use Bion Tears for Severe Dry Eye, and Similisan for Dry Eye (a natural type in a bottle). My eye doctor said basically, once you are healed up, you can use any drops that are comfortable for you. In the beginning, they want you to use single use to lessen the chance of infection.

    My halos were so bad in the beginning, that I was afraid to drive at night. Now, I have no halos at all.

    Just wait...you will be SO glad you did this...just be patient. :)

  7. Graciela - I planned a week of vacation after the LASIK so I could heal too ... and was afraid of flap complications which is why I wanted PRK even though it would be a longer time to heal. Since I had no flap complications and you have let me know that ghosting and halos can happen with PRK too, I'm glad that I had the less painful procedure.

    It's good to know that at some point I'll probably be able to use the cheaper bottled drops rather than single use vials. I've tried Bion Tears for Severe Dry Eye too and that is my favorite type so far (though pricey!).

    I told Cro about you commenting about your experience and you have made us both feel much more hopeful. Thanks!


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