Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Growlers. (no I'm not talking about brewery take-out containers)

Gym last night ... my new shoes are awesome. :) My trainer had double-booked my session so I trained on my own last night and will have my session (unless he double-books it again!) next Monday at 6:30. I used the treadmill for 15 minutes and finished the hour with my old-faithful recumbent bike routine. Odd how my MS will kick my butt if I walk too far but I can bike for an hour without trouble. Well I'm a little wobbly when I finish that hour but if I stay put on the bike without peddling for 2 or 3 minutes I can walk just fine again.

AND (I know my aspartame rants are boring but here goes) I haven't used aspartame in about two weeks ... gave up the sugarless chewing gum ... and my walking is back to my normal base gimpness. Base gimpness means you can't tell I have issues until I've walked more than a couple of blocks. (I guess that is about 200 meters)

More later ... must work!

*it's later. Can't believe I forgot to mention the company-wide temporary pay cut. Yep, I'm now earning 10 percent less than I was earning last week. The bright side of the pay cut–well there are two–is that it means we didn't have to let anyone go to achieve the needed adjustment to the company's bottom line and that it is a TEMPORARY pay cut. So hopefully we will be able to ride out the remainder of this economical pot hole and hopefully it won't get worse and require more drastic measures. *sigh*

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  1. Happy working....... Our company did the paycut thing about a year and a half ago and stopped all pay raises. The best part? Executives had to take a 20% cut! OUCH! My trainer used to double book too... used to irk me.


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