Friday, March 12, 2010

happy days

4:15am - go to gym
5:00 - back home to shower and get ready for work
6:30am - head to work
7:00 - at work

SO SLEEPY this morning. But it's Friday ... woot! I have a restful (I hope) weekend to look forward to, intense cleaning for company Monday and Tuesday, a pedicure sometime before Wednesday (sandal season is nearly here!), taxes to finish (bank account is getting low ... I need that refund!) and maps of Indy to study so I'm not lost as I try to show Konrad around. Oh, and lots of time at the gym.

During my workout in the Cardio Cinema I was able to catch the beginning of Tin Cup (that Kevin Costner movie I mentioned yesterday). It's not as bad (goofy and predictable ... well okay, it was still predictable) as where I caught it midway yesterday morning.
Cro let me know that he thinks that movie is fairly good so that caused me to want to see more of it anyway. I only did 30 minutes of cardio this morning but I got there a little later and didn't want to cut into my early work time.

My right eye is ghosting right now which is disappointing. I thought I was completely done with that. Oh well, I was told to expect a bad day now and then as they continue healing so I'm not freaking out ... just a little bummed. Lefty is still crystal clear and I'm feeding them both eyedrops like crazy.

One more busy day of work and then I'm off until the 24th. The only true day of rest I will have is the 23rd though. *puts hostess and entertainer hat on*

We were asked to bring in a baby photo for our work St. Patricks day party next week (which I probably won't attend). I did bring in a baby photo though ... well 4ish year old. These are my little sister and me. :) Don't you just want to pinch our cheeks?


  1. You look so adorable!
    Oh course, dah-ling - you need a little cheecky-cheek pinch!
    (spoken with a heavy Brooklyn accent, of course)

  2. I know you get crazy busy, but you do need to take the time to check out my blog this week... wink wink.

  3. anne - hehe

    Jack - omg thank you! I just read your blog and am still smiling. :) You are definitely the sh*t (that's a compliment I think. Well it's supposed to be anyway!).


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