Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ho-Hum Day

At least tomorrow is Friday and Survivor was awesome last night. It's been super quiet all day, no one emailing me other than regarding work. Hurry up evening.

Oh, crappy news regarding work ... crappy in a manner but it could have been worse. Everyone here had to take a 10 percent pay cut. I guess the economy has finally caught up with us. Sooo ... less money and more work but at least we all still have our jobs for now. Hope things get better.

Konrad is in New York visiting his "ex-uncle". (Uncle by marriage who divorced and therefore technically isn't really uncle now. I have one of those and he will always be uncle to me. :)) Anyway, Kon's ex-uncle's second wife is in hospital due to pregnancy complications. The baby had to be born by c-section yesterday and is only 2.5 pounds. Baby boy is in an incubator now and will be until he reaches at least 5 pounds. The mom's condition turned even more serious and they had to remove her uterus. :( Last I heard she and her husband were at hospital. They were receiving no visitors yesterday as she is on morphine and recovering. Hope all goes well. Kon hasn't emailed today so he is likely at hospital visiting.

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