Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monkey See - Monkey Do!

Still mostly clear eyes today. That's amazing since I've worked so many hours for the last two days ... marathon computer stare downs can really dry out the eyes I guess. I'm trying to remember to blink more and using the drops often. I have an ache behind one of my eyes and ever-so-slight ghosting in the other eye.

No huge deadlines today though that could change at any moment. The advertising world is like that.

The gym was so packed with people last night that there was not a single recumbent bike available anywhere. I did a small amount of strength training, then got fed-up with the crowd and left. I did 15 minutes of cardio at home on the elliptical but I know I would have done more on a bike at the gym. I've been seriously considering getting up super super early on weekdays to do my workout before work. This isn't ideal. Going to the gym after work gets me home at about the same time that Cro gets home. Going in early would mean I see even less of him than I already do. :( I'm sure it won't always be this busy. Spring is nearly here and I'll bet the surge in gym population goes up as people prepare for summer. Yay summer!

I've been taking advantage of the tanning salon at our gym and don't think I'm ghostly pale anymore. :) See pic. Can you tell a difference? I'm not a quick tan. All that German and Scottish blood.

I've been searching for things to do while Kon is here that will both entertain him and give him a taste of Indianapolis. Since I don't participate in many Indy activities (I work, go to gym, go home, and go eat at Brugge once a week). I'm not all that exciting to hang out with. He is going to spend some time in New York visiting family after he leaves Indy so I suppose he'll experience big city excitement there. Here will be mostly the local art and museum scene and more relaxed pace of Indiana. So far I know he wants to visit the Rathskeller, Brugge and a sports bar where he can watch the France vs England rugby match. I've got those covered. What else? Oh and he wants Matt and John to join us for dinner one night ... that will be fun. :) And Matt suggested that we all go see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I would like that but need to see if Kon wants to spend part of his visit in a movie theater. I thought about taking him to the Eideljorg Museum of Indian and Western Art but don't know if that will interest him. Perhaps I'll see if there are any more events going on in Indy mid-March.


  1. Oh, you've got the cuteness all over you!
    I want to get a tan, now.
    Monkey see, copy cat!

  2. I saw a tanning salon today and thought, "hmmm, should I?" Good news on the eyeballs!

  3. Guess what. I went to the eye doc. And he gave me freaking eye drops!
    I said I wanted to be like you, and now I get my chance!!
    What's next - Atkins Peanut Butter Cups? ;)
    That's not so bad!


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