Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I burnt my ear with the hair-straightening iron a couple of days ago and it is swollen and bloody (see pic ... ew!).

Sorry for the grossness, not much exciting to talk about today. :) Breakfast was a protein shake, lunch is eggs and ground beef, dinner will be low-carb pasta with ground beef, tomato sauce and cheese. Yum.

Work was extremely busy yesterday but I finished everything and am in an unusual lull of piddly projects right now. I'm sure the mother-load will hit before the day is out and I have a huge project starting tomorrow.

The gym is so busy that it isn't fun to go ... can't find a recumbent bike so have to watch and wait until one frees up. I'm seriously thinking about starting a wee-hours of the morning routine but I'm still getting over being sick (was sick all day Sunday) and sleep is winning the battle. Excuses. The consequences of not changing to early-early morning workouts is having to go when the masses are amassing.

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