Thursday, March 4, 2010

Planning and stuff

Clear eyes so far this morning. They did start ghosting about an hour before leaving work yesterday but it wasn't too bad.

Last night's strength training will be my last until the 24th, then it goes to once a month rather than once a week. I'm happy that I managed the expense for training and did once a week for several weeks in the beginning of this. I feel more confident using the gym equipment and now how hard to push myself now (until muscle failure, then rest 20ish seconds and do another set or two). I know to up the weight if things start becoming easy. It's not supposed to be easy. I know enough routines to not get bored of doing the same thing every time I go in. And I'm getting smiles and greeted by name from several of the trainers and gym staff since I go in nearly every day. Even when my training runs out the knowledge will stick with me. I have once a month until next January so that's a long time away.

Here are the new machines and routine I did in last night's workout:

Machine 31 - Rear deltoid: 20lbs - 2 sets of 15 reps
(same machine) - Pec Fly: 30lbs - 2 sets of 15
Machine 12 - Tricep extension: 30lbs - 2 sets of 15 (I did 20 for the second set of reps)
Machine 7 - Upright row: 15lbs - 2 sets of 20

American Idol isn't impressing me much this season. I suppose I like Siobhan the best but not tons. I like that yellow-toothed hippy girl's sound too but she really needs some White Strips. Hard to watch her in high def. I can criticize because that is so easily and quickly fixable, right? She could criticize me for being fat but since that isn't as easy to fix I'd cry. :P

*buying a box of Slim Strips* I wish.

Planning a loose itinerary for Kon's visit is fun. So far we plan:
• Wednesday: he arrives at 8pm (jet lagged I'm sure) and I pick him up from the airport, swing by his hotel so he can get checked in, then we are off to the St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Rathskeller restaurant where he can relieve some of the jet lag with late night live music, lots of good food and plenty of drinks (he likes his beer, lager or whatever).
• Thursday: still planning but Matt would like us to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie with him so that is one possibility. Also I'd like to take him to Brugge for lunch or dinner one night.
* Friday: lunch with some of my co-workers and friends at Scotty's Brewhouse. Dinner with Matt and John. The rest of the day will probably be wandering around Indy (I need to look up more fun possibilities)
* Saturday: Cro, Kon and I will watch the France vs England rugby game at Union Jack pub in Broadripple (just around the corner from Brugge) and probably have pizza since American pizza is so fabulous compared to British pizza (according to Kon)
* Sunday - drive to mom's for a visit. We'll probably stop in at Headstone Friends (old "record" shop that Kon remembers from a visit years ago) and maybe go by my old university which he also remembers and other nostalgic sight-seeing in the small town of Terre Haute.
* Monday - breakfast and back to the airport


  1. Slim Strips? Awesome idea!

    I say you and me go into bizness. We'll just buy a bunch of duct tape and re-market it as Slim Strips. Probably as effective as most of the diet aids on the market right now...

  2. Yeah, we can flavor the duct tape to taste like forbidden foods but with 0calories. It could work ... you write up the business plan and I'll get to work on the logo. (lol)

  3. Sounds like you got the weekend all mapped out. I hope you have fun. I wonder what's different about British pizza? Turkish pizza is different, but really yummy.

  4. Not sure what is different since I've never had British pizza. I think he described it as thin bread with tomato sauce.

    I hope I have enough planned to keep him entertained and I'm nervous about seeing him again I mean I'm almost 20 years older and much fatter. Ah well, he's no longer dating me, I'm happily married, he is visiting as a friend and Cro thinks I'm just perfect. :) Kon has changed lots too I'm sure.

    I think I'm going to be dog tired by the end of his visit though. I don't know that I have the energy to be a tour guide and entertainer for 6 days straight. Cro is only available to join us on the weekend since he can't take off work for the visit.


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