Thursday, March 11, 2010


4:00am - go to gym
5:00 - back home to shower and get ready for work
6:15am - head to work
6:45 - at work

Wow, can't believe I actually got myself out of bed and went to the gym this morning. I got up at 3:50 and was working out a little after 4am. I did 45 minutes on the recumbent bike and got back home to shower by 5am. It all felt like a dream. Literally. Sleep-exercise. But then the dream I had was of my muscles aching, sweat pouring off my brow and of some stupid movie in which Kevin Costner plays a love-struck golf pro. I like Kevin Costner but that movie was not that great. At least the 45 minutes I saw of it. Though not as horrible as the Julia Roberts movie I saw several days ago so maybe I shouldn't dis this one too much. I was there for the workout, not the movie. :P

I did a drop-in at the salon last night and by some miracle they got me in. Highlights and a new cut ... yay, that's out of the way. It's spring and I was incredibly tired of how long and drab my hair was becoming. So, check it out. Shorter springtime cut and sparkly highlights. :)

I didn't trust the stylist enough to go too short even though that's what I had in mind when I went in. I can always get more cut when I plan ahead and pick a stylist I'm confident in. I wanted the long in front | short in back thing. This is cute for now. :)

Okay, it's 8:45am and I feel like I should still be in bed. Some day this lack of sleep is going to catch up with me. Hope it's the weekend after Kon leaves. Cro and I both agree that Saturday afternoons are made for napping.

Speaking of lack of sleep, I experienced a little ghosting on the drive to the gym this morning but it was all clear by the time I left. It was just enough to remind me of how absolutely cool it is that I haven't had ghosting eyes for several several days. The are still clear and I don't expect anything else now. The Restasis works and I am HAPPY! And it's spring! :D

The plan for after work later:
6pm - at gym again
7 - home! Ooh, it's Survivor night!

Breakfast was a protein shake. Lunch will likely be some pork rinds and cream cheese. Dinner will maybe be a philly steak with onions and a slice of cheese.


  1. I love your new highlights! Thanks for the survivor reminder!

  2. Thank you. :D I feel more "springtime" now.


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