Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spring weather finally arrives

I'm editing and filling in more possibilities to my itinerary in the post below. Konrad seems excited that I put a plan together. I'm proud of it ... that was a lot of thought! I'm excited that so many of my co-workers, friends and family are on board with making an appearance to help his visit be memorable. I hope it turns out to be good times for everyone.

Today I brought strawberries and some walnut pieces for lunch. Had a protein shake for breakfast and will likely have an Atkins peanut butter cup for dinner. I need to my hair highlighted again and trimmed a bit. Springtime! Yay. Oh, and I bought a few new tops and a pair of jeans yesterday. OH! And Cro fixed my Dr. Martin sandals. They have been my favorite pair of sandals for several years. Last fall they lost a rivet that holds the buckle together and I feared that I would never be able to wear them again. They were expensive so I didn't look forward to replacing them. Cro fixed them! Thank you honey! :)


  1. Oct,

    I hope Konrad's visit is everything you both hope it will be. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that it will be memorable for all involved. :-)

    My best to you and Cro!

  2. I hope it will be fun for us. Thanks JP :)

  3. Atkins peanut butter cup?
    I didn't know you were a fan!


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