Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation in quick bullet-point form. :)

My frabjous vacation is over and I'm left in a beamish state of reflection. Below is roughly how we spent our time. There is enough tale to galumph for many pages but I'll try to contain it to a single post for now.

Wednesday March 17
- 8pm: airport to pick up Konrad
- drive to Canterbuy hotel and wait for him to to check-in and do a quick freshen-up
- 9pm-midnight-ish: St Patty's celebration at the Rathskeller (so much fun!) And we swear the guy playing guitar for the band looked just like John Travolta with long hair. Another guy in Rugby top and Kon sized each other up from across the room. Opposing teams, lol. All-in-all we got caught up within the loud, riotous, good time.
- I dropped him off at hotel at 1am-ish and went home. Apparently he was "kidnapped" by a few other guys who took him to Ike and Jonesy's pub afterward ... he said he lasted until about 3am lol.

Thursday March 18
- wandered around Indy. Eideljorg Indian and old West Museum and the Lincoln exhibits at the state museum (I cracked the side of my right headlight on one of the garage pillars of the museum parking. DOH!
- saw The Green Zone movie at Circle Center
- browse the mall and Colts store
- appetizer and drinks at Rock Bottom rockbottom.com ... Guinness and Captain-n-Coke. The appetizer was tortilla chips with guacamole ... don't think he'd had blue tortilla chips before but he liked them lots
- we walked a bit farther than my MS allows me to get away with and so I had to have the dreaded conversation. Hoping that I'd told him years prior I said "Um, you know about the MS right?" He assured me that yes he knew. I felt relief, watched over and not embarrassed at all after that. :)
- O'Reilly's Irish pub ... it was a very fun evening and lasted a long while (well past midnight) since I also had to spend time sobering up before driving home

Friday March 19
- visit WillRan office and have lunch will some of my co-workers and friends at Scotty's Brewhouse ... there were 7 of us and it was very fun
- walked through the mall downtown so he could get some t-shirts and a Colts jersey
- Alice in Wonderland movie with Matt ... this movie had Mutchness (we all liked it)
- Drinks with Matt and John at Metro and then we hopped next door to Chatham Tap for a bit ... fun!
- downtown to Rock Bottom rockbottom.com ... we started with Guinness and Captain-n-Coke, went to mixed drinks and I also had a margarita, then we matched mojitos. The pub owner stopped to talk to Kon because they had met at O'Reilly's after I left the night before. He later brought Kon a free t-shirt. Cool. :)

Saturday March 20
- 10am - pick up from hotel and go to the motor speedway for 11am tour ... the tour was very fun
- saved a man who we witnessed fall over from his motorbike and bust his skull on the 6-lane busy street ... I called 911 and maneuvered my Jeep to block traffic from running him down as we waited for an ambulance, police, fire crew to clean up the petrol spill ... Kon and two other people ran to help him up (his leg was trapped under the bike and he was concussed, shaking and confused. Kon and the other guy moved his bike out of the street while a lady helped him to the sidewalk then retrieved baby wipes from her car to apply pressure to one of his head wounds. He was bleeding badly but the ambulance got there to help as a police officer took my report as a witness. Kon was looking in another direction when it happened but saw him on the ground as I emphatically said OMG! OMG! OMG! ... yeah, I was looking in the right direction and saw everything as it happened. This incident deserves a post of its own.
- 2:30pm Konrad took me for sushi at a very nice Japanese restaurant. I watched as he explained how to set up the dipping sauce, wasabi, ginger, break apart and use the chopsticks ... lol. He poured the saki for me too and said something in Japanese for us to toast (wish I knew what he said). We started with Miso soup (yum!). Then I tried fresh water eel, monk fish and california rolls. He also had freshwater eel and a couple of other choices which I don't remember. He finished his own and the rest of what I couldn't, which was most of it. I loved the Miso soup. The eel was also very very good. The monk fish was a bit too strong in flavor for me ... reminiscent of canned tuna. He picked up the bill and OMG fine Japanese restaurants are expensive.
- Kon dropped a few quarters into a street beggars cup saying good karma so maybe his team will win.
- 3:30pm Claddagh Irish Pub downtown to watch the France vs England rugby game and have drinks (I got the tab this time). France won ... boooo.
- after the game we went to O'Reilly's Irish Pub for more Guinness and chatting ... fun
- I went home at a bit before midnight and he went to another pub (I couldn't stay up any later since we had to leave early the next morning! zzz)

Sunday March 21
- 10am - drive to mom's for a visit
- Cro took a wrong turn (my fault) and was lost. Kon read the map and so we got there.
- had a bit of lunch that mom had prepared for us
- took turns riding along with Kon on the "mule" (4-wheel drive farm vehicle)
- nostalgic sight-seeing as we drove through Terre Haute
- Cro, Kon and I got dinner at Brugge. Introduced Kon to Noah. A Brugge jersey for each of us was promised. :)
- Cro headed home since he had to work the next morning. Kon and I headed downtown to O'Reilly's for more Guinness, Captain-n-Coke, lots of fun and a bit of reminiscing with a few tears as we talked of our dads and of days gone by. He played some 80's tunes on the jukebox which were good memories as well.
- I got home at 1:30am

Monday March 22
- 10am-ish got breakfast at City Market. He ordered grits since he didn't know what they were and was told by the waitress that they are a southern thing. :)
- Got drinks (water for me, Guinness for him) at O'Reilly's one last time
- airport at noonish but his plane was delayed by an hour. We settled in at the airport bar. He bought a round of drinks for some Army soldiers who were on their way back to Afganistan
- time for him to board the plane to New York to visit his uncle before heading back to the British Isles. big hug and waves goodbye. :(

It was a very full and fun week. I have some bad mobile-phone photos but he will be sending the ones he took (much better) soon so I'll share when I get them. I'm back to work tomorrow but at least it's only 3 days until another weekend. I had nothing at all to worry about ... it was like no time had passed and yet 20 years worth of life events had passed for each of us all in one.


  1. Wow good times all around. Grits.. LOL, more to them than that! I outta give that waitress an earful!

  2. I know! I used to luv grits.


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