Tuesday, March 16, 2010


OMG thank you Jack! In case you guys haven't been to Jack Sh*t's blog recently go and see what an awesome thing he did for our blog community. He gave away some cash to three deserving bloggers who detailed how they would use the winnings to better their journey to health. He also gave away a gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods which I was chosen to receive! I will be buying a great pair of gym shoes and rocking that recumbent bike to new heights. What a great guy you are, Jack. :)

I've been in a frenzy of cleaning and planning activities for the last two days. Konrad arrives tomorrow and then I have the daunting responsibility of entertaining a friend from another country who I haven't seen in 20 years (and about 70 pounds lighter than I am now).

Yeah, I'm nervous. He's british and known to be a bit blunt so I'm stealing myself for a fat joke. *though I hope it doesn't happen, lol*

I've been working out twice a day, inspired by that Biggest Loser episode where they had to work an 8-hour a day job while still losing weight. They went to the gym for an hour each morning and had (I think) an hour and a half each evening. It's easy to get to the gym twice a day on weekends and when on vacation but my schedule is normally so packed that once a day is the limit. I don't know ... I got up at 4am one day last week to go to the gym before work. I was very very tired by the end of the day though ... not because of the workout but because of too little sleep. I'm adjusting to this gym thing and like it. It's the best new habit I've formed since going on low carb a year and a half ago. :) It feels great.

I will likely be a bit scarce for the next few days but will return with lots of tales of Konrad's visit.


  1. Hey, you deserve it! I just wanna see a pic of the new kicks.

  2. Every British fellow that I have met liked a fluffy girl. Their words, not mine. I don't think you are fluffy at all by the way, from looking at your pictures.

  3. Steady progress...you can do it! Have a great time with your guest.

  4. Jack - you got it!

    Donna - Oh I'm fluffy. 190lbs still grrr. But maybe a happy personality will make my company worthwhile. :) It's not like we are in dating each other mode anymore. <3 Cro

    Char - thanks. :) I look forward to his visit and just hope I can keep up.

  5. Have fun with Konrad!!

    Oh with the way you've been working that bike, you will SO keep up!



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