Wednesday, March 10, 2010


One week from today Konrad will be arriving in Indy. He's already worried about the St. Patrick's celebration and how tired he's going to be the next morning. Good ... I'll get to sleep in that morning. hehe

Cro and I have both been working extra hours this week. I feel bad for him because I pretty much make my own schedule and adjust to go in early or stay late as I feel my projects require. His work TELLS him to be in early or stay late and they give him practically no notice. They've even required him to work a Saturday on occasion and gave him notification of this on Friday evening just before his work day ends. We are both happy that he has the job but they could be a little less rude. :P Maybe they just don't know until the very last second. I would call it poor management in that case. He'll do whatever is asked though, he's just that responsible. Maybe someday he will be the management and things will go better for everyone. Well, at least for everyone who pulls their weight.

Breakfast today was a protein shake, lunch is some almonds and two pieces of string cheese, dinner will be an Atkins peanut butter cup. Gym tonight will be 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio.

American Idol this season has not captured my interest yet. The Biggest Loser was very interesting last night but I missed who was voted out. Was it Sunshine's dad? Interesting was that the show focused on working out while also working an 8-hour a day job with travel time. That made me consider even more that when things calm down a bit and I'm not having to get up for work at 4:30am, that I could probably fit in at least half an hour (maybe even an hour) of cardio in the early morning as well as my normal gym routine after work.

4:30am - go to gym
5:30 - back home to shower and get ready for work
7am - head to work
7:30-5:30 at work
6pm - at gym again
7 - home!

That's do-able. Just not this week since I'm getting ready for work at 4:30am and there is no way I would sacrifice more sleep to workout at 3:30am.


  1. I'm debating on walking on Tready in the morning and afternoon or just in the afternoon. I'll have to see how loud she is today with a quiet building. Just for the sanity of the neighbors though, I am going to wait until 8am to start walking so I will be covered by 'apt law'.

  2. You got the treadmill! Congrats. I hope it works out very well for you and that you find it awesome to work out in the comfort of your home whenever you like.


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