Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April showers

Some phone pics of people starting to gather around Monument Circle for the Butler Bulldogs pep rally downtown Indy yesterday.

Butler Bulldogs lost against Duke last night and so most of the city is in mourning today. Not that anyone is here yet, but I can tell from their facebooks. I'm just sort of happy that basketball season is over (I hope) ... but it does stink that Butler couldn't pull off a victory. I walked over to see the pep rally at noon yesterday since it was downtown.

I think more green tea during the day is in order. Soooo sleepy of late. Perhaps because I CAN'T get to sleep at night unless I take a couple of Benedryl. I've had a cold for a week and don't sleep well when I'm achy and have sinus stuffage. (Yeah, sinus stuffage is a made-up word but I like it ... the word, not the stuffage.)


  1. I got the sinus stuffage too, but mine is literally stuffage :P

  2. It will be better soon and you'll wonder how you ever managed for so long before you had it done. :)


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