Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bah Bah Black Sheep

Bah, another day. Worked late. Ate oddly ... had a 100 calorie pack of Smart Pop for dinner at the office because it was scrounge-able. :/ After I got home (late) I watched DVR'd American Idol - enjoyed the didgeridoo-sox song but not much else. Another late work night to look forward to tonight. At least it's stormy weather season. I love storms.

Eats today are a third of a protein shake (I need to buy more sugarfree Davinci syrups since I mentioned shakes), a can of lime-n-chili almonds and a couple of Atkins bars.


  1. Look at you all leaned back.
    You truly look good!
    Love those Atkins bars.
    You know, I remember Jack Sh*t las always liked your blog.
    Remember when you wore those stripes?
    And he said how good they looked.
    Imagine him, a fashionista!

  2. Hey, Oct - did that comment go through?
    It looked a little goofy, after I clicked "go"
    but I couldn't stop it by then. Sorry!

  3. Anne - your comments did come through and I published them but they aren't here. I guess blogger ate them. :( Since comments are IMPORTANT!!! I now think blogger sucks. lol

  4. OMG and after I published that comment TA DA!!! Your comments appeared like magic. Maybe blogger just needed some harsh words.

    Thank you for saying I look good all leaned back, hehe. That is my OMG TOO MUCH WORK TO DO SO F-IT pose. I'll get it done and one time and fabulously but F the stress and I'm just in a mental "chillin'" state of mind right now.

    Jack as a fashionista ... now that's funny. :) Have you seen his blog today? He does some modeling of his own ... no stripes though.

  5. When I saw your picture on my blogger dashboard, I seriously thought it was a picture of Princess Diana!!! I didn't realize it was your blog until the page loaded! You are looking gorgeous!

  6. Donna - lol, no way. Thanks though. :) You made my day. Are you feeling better?

  7. So far, I'm feeling much better... you really do look like Princess Di :)

  8. So far, I'm feeling much better... you really do look like Princess Di :)

  9. Glad you are feeling better! I don't look like Princess Di ... maybe that princess from Shrek when she is in Ogre form lol. People have told me in past that I do have the tendency to look up from under my bangs like Princess Di. I always attributed that to a touch of shyness.

  10. HaHa! My "OMG TOO MUCH WORK TO DO SO F-IT" pose has fooled you into thinking I'm peaceful. ;)

  11. I love storms too, Oct. I'll miss the stormy days in the coming months.

    Lots of work on this end as well. Lately weekends = time to finish work that we didn't get to on the week days. When did that rule go into effect?!

    Hope the rest of your week turns out a brighter.

  12. Hi JP! I think when workers become more plentiful than jobs we become under "the man's" thumb. :) Hoping to see it turn around some day as in that song by The Rolling Stones or even Wrapped around Your Finger by The Police. :) Both great songs.

    I'm in at 4:30am this morning and am enjoying the quiet before getting back to work. Have a great day (and some pleasant peacefulness too).


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