Friday, April 23, 2010


Ah (the happy sigh sort of "ah") Friday.

I almost had dinner for Cro and I ready last night, reached down to move a pot of boiling hot water off the stovetop and KABOOM!!!!! it erupted into a hot shower of water, Dreamfields pasta and glass shards. The ground beef–browned and mixed with low carb pasta sauce–in the skillet on the adjacent burner was peppered with hot, glassy shrapnel. The floor became a hazard to bare feet for both man and cat. I'm sure ears were ringing from the immediate scream of surprise that girls like me blast as a sort of self-defense mechanism. Screams don't defend again glass and boiling water ... or do they? I wasn't cut nor burned. Yeah, the scream must have been a sonic shield.

Long story leading to what we had for dinner last night. Taco Bell! Yes, Cro and I had burritos from Taco Bell! Yum! Well, technically I didn't have a burrito from Taco Bell ... I had a low carb burrito stuffed with the contents of a volcano taco from Taco Bell. :) It was still very good. Low carb and felt like a cheat (but it wasn't!).

In other news Survivor was SOOO good last night. Parvati played BOTH the immunity idol that Russel gifted her with AND her own secret immunity idol. Looks like Russel might be in the biggest danger yet next week though (or so the preview leads us to believe). Maybe he'll find another idol. :)

Breakfast - 6carb
[4carb] low carb tortilla
[2carb] cheddar

Lunch - xcarb
[0carb] left over lemon chicken from yesterday
[xcarb] x

Dinner - xcarb
[xcarb] x

TOTAL xcarb


  1. Now I want one. Taco Bell.
    Without the glass shards.
    Unless it's FIBER glass -
    That would be good for us, right?

  2. PS love the video - Flight of the Conchords - always good!
    PSS I had a Atkins PB cup and thought about you.
    Do you ever go to Netrition? They have 'em by the case.
    I'm just saying....

  3. Oct,

    Let me just say this: You're awesome!

    I so admire how you look on the funny-side of life when things like this happen! My initial reaction would've probably sounded a lot more like a scene from a Martin Scorcese gangster film or a Chris Rock concert.

    You're officially my role model ... and I will scream like a woman to shield myself from things like this in the future! :-)

    I hope you and Cro have a fun-filled weekend!

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Just practicing.

  4. anne - FIBER glass ... hehehe. I get my Atkins PB cups from Kroger and I usually clean them out of stock every time I see them (all due to the shelf being empty one time and I NEVER wanted that to happen again!).

    JP - I'm still smiling thinking about me being YOUR role model. That's a twist! :) And thinking about you using the scream technique to save yourself from any future glass or boiling hot water incidents. I hope you and Mad have a great weekend too. Ah weekends ... luv them!


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