Thursday, April 1, 2010

Emocoaster - sort of.

Just got out of the monthly company meeting. Nothing unusual this month other than reassurance that we have a lot of irons in the fire and high hopes for new business. We also got a great complement from a competitor, which is saying a lot since the complement was regarding an account that they would like to have.
- so that's a *weee* (think small rollercoaster climb)

I had a tremendous headache yesterday and though it was mostly gone this morning it's back. ALEVE! Take care of that for me. ;)
- and that's a *AAARGGHH!* (think large rollercoaster drop)

Breakfast was a protein shake, lunch is almonds and I don't know about dinner yet. Maybe just a bowl of Carb Smart ice cream if the pain of this headache doesn't abate by then.
- *weee*

I got word a that Matt's father died Monday. :(

Good news? It was 80degrees yesterday (a bit too hot for me though) and will be 67 today (perfect!) and 80 again Friday. Time to dust off JD and plan for some lawn mowing!
- *weee*

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