Friday, April 9, 2010

Everybody twist!

I had a Speedy Gonzales morning as I revised comps, sent them to the team, got more tiny alteration suggestions, revised the comps, sent them again to the team, received more tiny alteration suggestions, revised the comps again, got more tiny alteration suggestions from members of the team who were slow to respond ... rawr!!! ... revised the comps, sent them to the team ... okay to go! Printed them, mounted them to boards (ah the nasty smell of spray-mount) ... meeting time!!! Client presentation meeting that is. Presented comps, client was happy happy and loved loved everything ... after meeting began the half an hour of chatting (client ... all 4 of them ... seemed to be enjoying the chat and were involved telling stories and kicking back for a few). Then meeting was over, I looked at clock and OMG it's noon. Geez, what a quick morning. Things always go fast when its down to the wire.

Speedy Gonzales – We interrupt this program again for a very exciting announcement. The duck with the pistola seems to be tied up at the moment. So back to the Mexican Bandstand with nothing but twist music. Everybody twist!

That quote is a very apt description of my morning. :) Crazy, multiple interruptions, doesn't make much sense but fun none-the-less.

I've been working too many hours and not sleeping enough this week so today I decided I wouldn't get to work until 7:30am. Nice little extra snooze. Now if Friday night would just get here!!!


  1. It'll get here.

    Waitaminute... it's here.


  2. Look - Now Jack LITERALLY makes my day!
    As in "makes my day appear out of nowhere!"
    Glad you are having a fun day!


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