Tuesday, April 13, 2010

good and BAD

Good - just got back from another LASIK follow-up appointment and my eyes are doing great. A solid 20 30 in each eye and can read much of the 20 25 line if I struggle. So I'm calling it 20 30 and am very happy. Since starting Restasis the ghosting is majorly reduced and I think I'll eventually be rid of it for good.

Bad - just found out that my little sister has been diagnosed with diabetes. :( I fear for her. I'm also very thankful for this low-carb lifestyle which will hopefully prevent a similar diagnosis from hitting me in the future.


  1. Good...TOLD YA! :-)

    Bad...So sorry. :-(

  2. Good news about the eyeballs! Sorry about your sister's diagnosis, is she able to go low carb?

  3. Graciela - :D

    Donna - she is mentally handicapped so though I've tried my best to explain and set a good example, it doesn't stick.


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