Friday, April 16, 2010

in THE moment ... FRIDAY!

First thing ... Donna I can't get to your blog and the title of latest post makes me wonder if either something is very wrong or maybe your blog has been hi-jacked. Maybe its just my own blog that has the issue though since it seems my comment system can be flaky.

Next thing ... FRIDAY! WOOT! I have a ton to do today (as usual) but it's creating a Flash element (which I LOVE to do) so my day is sure to go by pleasantly.

This weekend Cro and I will have our usual Saturday date and probably spend the rest of it working on the yard. We may work on the air conditioner too since we had none last night when I first got home. He said the compresser-thingy was frozen and we had to go without the comfort of cool air until it thawed out. That took HOURS. I finally retired to the very back room where coolness hangs out to sleep until the air conditioning was back. I think I went to my real bed at 2am and slept soooo well. :)

Eaten for today will be an Atkins bar for breakfast, tuna cups and almonds for lunch and probably Dreamfield's and tomato sauce, queso and jalapeƱos for dinner. Maybe even a scoop of CarbSmart chocolate ice cream tonight. Yum.

Survivor was awesome as usual. Russel is my fav just because he is so fun to watch. When he eventually gets blindsided that will be fun to watch too, I'm sure.


  1. I missed the first half of survivor last night, DOH! I have to catch up online. I took my blog down last night after a nasty rant. I'll send you a message on FB to tell you what happened.

  2. Got your facebook message and replied. Survivor is awesome ... I'm loving this season (don't think I've ever NOT loved a season though). Have a good weekend and let me know if you start a new blog!

  3. I love Russell! Blog is staying, I just needed to delete that post ya know.


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