Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's 4:03 and I can't sleep ...

No, not the song ... though I do toss and turn like the sea (see sleepy eyes above). Gym time started at 4:10 this morning and of course that didn't get me to work any earlier since I used the extra time to do strength training prior to 30 minutes of cardio. I did finally get to watch the end of The Time Traveler's Wife though. I think it's time for them to change the movie now. I vote Avatar! I've seen it but that one deserves multiple viewings. The Time Traveler's Wife was quite worthy and a bit brain-bending but not nearly as much as episodes of Lost.

I'm only ready for season 5 of Lost, by the way. I refuse to watch them out of order and so can't jump in on the current season until it's on dvd. That show is difficult enough to follow when watching each episode chronologically.

Tonight is Survivor night!! Woot!! And tomorrow is Friday. Can it be that I've begun to appreciate Thursdays due to their proximity to my beloved Fridays which I love due to their proximity to my precious weekends? I think yes.

Cro mowed the lawn last night after getting home late from work. :( Work kept him late again plus sick people were spreading germs as usual. I hope he doesn't get sick too. The lawn looks beautiful now but I think I'll try to beat him to it next week.

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] protein shake

Lunch - 10carb
[0carb] tuna
[1carb] cheddar
[9carb] 1.5 low carb chocolate muffins

Dinner - 10carb
[8carb] Taco Bell (remastered into an LC tortilla)
[2carb] Atkins PB cup

TOTAL 24carb


  1. You look nice and tan now, I'm so jealous! I type this as the snow is falling. I'm with you on Lost, I refuse to watch them out of order and I went so long between watching episodes that I feel LOST! HeZug & I are planning a date night around Survivor.

  2. anne - exactly! :)

    Donna - thank you ... I like to be tan but am so naturally pale that it's a struggle to not lose it. Survivor was awesome as usual and Russel survives to play another week. I worry that every week will be his last and wonder if their teasing about he and Parverti being at odds means that he really is in trouble next week. Cro watches it with me every week too ... and I look forward to discussing it with the guys at work each Friday morning.


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