Thursday, April 15, 2010

JUST a moMENT! ~Office Space

I have a case of the Mondays ... but it's Thursday!!!!!

Okay, tomorrow is Friday, I'm over it. :) Too much work to do and I'm into it and liking it but geez there is still lots to do.

Maybe tomorrow will feel like Friday and all happy and stuff.

Oh, I brought some uncooked Dreamfields carb-controlled pasta thinking that it might be able to cook just fine if I pour superHOT work water dispenser water over it and seal it within it's little tupperware cocoon for several minutes. I think it really could work out fine but I only let it sit for half as long as it needed and (thinking it was done) I sprinkled a bit of cheese on top, ruining any chance to let it sit in another drenching of superHOT water. Half crunchy carb-controlled pasta is fit for no one. Ah well. I had an Atkins bar in reserve so that was lunch.


  1. I woulda soaked it again, cheese or not cheese.
    But the Atkins bar is good, too.

  2. I guess I should have soaked it again ... the thought of wet gummy cheese didn't seem like a good idea though. Then I watched a chef turn cheese curd into mozzarella yesterday afternoon. That's different than already made cheese though. I really need a cooking class!


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