Monday, April 26, 2010


mmm is NOT for Monday.

Back in the saddle at the gym. Went for both strength training and a half hour of recumbent bike both Saturday morning and Sunday morning. The plan is to go Tuesday morning at 4am, to work out for an hour then back home to get ready for work. If I can still make it to work early Tuesday morning and don't feel completely spent due to the early workout ... well ... no promises right now because I haven't seen how that will go yet. I miss working out five days a week and going extra early is one way I might be able to make it happen.

The gym doesn't open early enough on Monday so today is one of my two off days. Maybe Friday will be the other one ... *shrug*. Oddly I didn't find my recumbent bike workouts to be difficult following my gym hiatus. The burn was like an old friend and it wasn't difficult to fight it and keep going. Maybe that was in part due to a good movie on the cardio cinema. The Time Travelor's Wife ... loved it and want to catch it in full sometime.

Monday Menu

[4carbs] protein shake

[0carbs] 2 slices of bacon
[12carbs] 2 low carb devilsfood muffins

[6carbs] maybe some spicy pork rinds with cream cheese
[2carbs] Atkins PB cup if I make it to the store (all out right now!)

Day's Total: 24carbs


  1. I liked the time traveler's wife. My OCD couldn't handle not seeing the whole movie at once. What time do you technicallly have to be at work?

  2. It just gives me even more motivation to get back to the gym so I can watch more of it ... they change the movie every 3 days though so this one I'll have to see at home sometime. I like to be at work as early as possible but don't HAVE to be here at any specific time (just have to get in 8 hours each day). Most people get here at 9:30ish ... so do make it at 8 now and then. Others habitually come in at 10 or 11 but stay later. I usually get here sometime between 6:30 and 7am.


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