Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mondayne Wednesday

I feel like my wheels are spinning in mud but at least they are spinning.

I walked to the downtown circle with the guys today at lunch ... not to get lunch but just to be outside in the sun for awhile and away from my oppressive desk-o-work for a few. Two of the guys broke away to dip into the comic book store so I followed the other two. Those two dipped into the pizza place :/ *sigh* ... so I wandered back to check out the comic store. Engrossed in the comics and looking for "The Guild" (new comic) I looked up and didn't see the two guys anywhere.

I knew the pizza-eaters would be sitting at the fountain enjoying lunch so I headed that way. Not seeing them I figured I'd go back a few blocks and cash a small check that has been burning a hole in my pocket for a few weeks. That accomplished I walked back to work.

Seems like a lot of walking and mundane anti-happenings doesn't it? It was probably only 6 blocks total but it was a workout for my MS.

Gorgeous day!!! I beat the guys back and had to laugh thinking they may be looking for me. Since it was only 3 blocks from work I didn't feel too bad about abandoning them. They made their way back to work eventually too.

Today's menu included 2 packets of roasted almonds, a Cinnapple low-carb bar, and probably tonight I'll make some low-carb pasta with tomato sauce and have an atkins bar.


  1. It is nice to get out for a walk during lunch. Good for you for unchaining yourself from the desk for a bit.

  2. Had too! Sunny days promote anti-stress agents I'm sure . :)

  3. By the way Jack, you need to do something profitable with that fingers and feet comic idea you have going on over at your blog. You could sell that idea easily I'd bet and be the next super successful comic dude.


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