Tuesday, April 27, 2010

s l e e p

I got up at 4:15 this morning to get to the gym. Tanned then worked out until 5:30 ... What? It's 5:30 already?!? Drove back home to shower and get ready for work. And here I am at work at 7am. Geez that went fast.

5 minute drive to the gym 20 minute tan, 30 minute workout, 5 minute drive back home. whoosh and the morning is gone.

I don't think I slept much at all. Knowing that I was going to get up so early and go to the gym made it nearly impossible to sleep. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow because yes, I want to do this again tomorrow morning. *sigh* ... Okay, I don't really WANT to but I NEED to and I will want to with time. Crappy thing about working out so early is that they didn't have a movie playing in the cardio cinema yet. What The Heck.

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] protein shake

Lunch - 12carb
[12carb] 2 LC chocolate muffins

Dinner - 18carb
[8carb] Taco Bell (remastered into an LC tortilla)
[8carb] carbsmart ice cream
[2carb] Atkins PB cup

TOTAL 34carb


  1. I generally feel jazzed when I work out early, but you and I have completely different definitions of early. 7:30 would be an early workout for me...

  2. If I did my workout at 7:30 I would get to work at 10 ... not good. :) Guys don't need as much time to get ready though (lucky).


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