Monday, April 19, 2010

Squirrels and ants and monkeys

Ah Monday. Not the relaxing sort of "ah" but rather a "here you are again" sort of "ah". I caught the web team meeting just as it started, have already completed half a dozen small tasks and have that many more to finish before the end of the day. No biggy ... just ah.

I was sick yesterday (I wasn't feeling well Sunday of LAST week either). Today I feel just fine and since it's 11pm I'd say the day is going by fairly quickly.

Someone is working in our server room and so the server room door is wide open and the server room NOISE is pouring over my desk in a torrent. AAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhaaaaAAAAAHHHHHhhhh (that's the server room, not me ... or maybe it's my inner brain-squirrel screaming as he tries to keep the brain-wheel rolling through all this noise).

Cro took JD out for a lawn-mowing adventure Saturday and so now the lawn is all nice and pretty. I watched DVR'd LIFE episodes Sunday and marveled at the lawn-mowing ants. I also had funny depressed feelings after watching the primates episode. Primates are so like us and make my brain-squirrel run in all sorts of crazy loops. I'll spare you my strange thoughts. :)

*update: Decided to pop in and share some of the depressing thoughts brought on by the primates episode of LIFE. There are monkeys who live in the cold snowy coldness who have access to natural hot springs. All of the "upper class" female monkeys and their upper-class monkey kids have access to these hot springs. The monkeys born into the less privileged class are barred from the hot springs and have to sit in the cold snow. And I think WTH ... even monkeys. Pfft. Then I think how the poor monkeys would laugh their freezing cold butts off if one of those lake turnover incidents ever happened. Na, they would probably scream and run. Then no monkeys would be allowed to sit in the hot springs until the lower class ones had tried it out and proved it safe.

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] almonds

Lunch - 8.5carb
[0carb] can of tuna
[.5carb] 1oz cheddar cheese
[8carb] strawberries

Dinner - 7carb
[5carb] Dreamfields rotini
[2carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 19.5carb

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